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Espiazione by Ian McEwan (3 star ratings)

Things from the film which were good: In her imagination she has set the limits and the terms. A similar method of “oh-my-god-if-you’d-only-not-done-that-then-we-wouldn’t-have-arrived-at-this-tragically-remorseful-place-now” style writing is also employed to good effect in The Story of Lucy Gault by William Trevor. What Briony does is a thoughtless act motivated by a whirlwind of immature feelings: The cost of oblivious daydreaming was always this moment of return, the realignment with what had been before and now seemed a little worse.

The story invented, while the most probable, was the most severe option she could conjure up and not the one I wanted to believe. Ho visto il film almeno una decina di volte. Significantly, Cecilia too is portrayed as a snob Neither of them are perfect, all of them commit mistakes with grave consequences.


There’s no such thing as “appropriate”. I think those pages might easily have been reduced to 60 or I remember co Atonement is about a thirteen year-old girl, Briony Tallis, who observed her older sister, and a servant in the most unusual actions that could not be fathomed in a young girl’s mind.

I thought that was the one 3. Credo che solo per quello valga la pena leggere il libro. Lo adoro e per questo ho deciso di leggerne anche il libro. This book started a little slow for my liking, and I pondered marking it as DNF, but I persevered, and found the story grabbed me. There are many reviews already of this book, and I did wonder whether the world needed any more. Writing is a form of therapy to many writers: I have no idea if espiaziobe is truly artsy.


By presenting the story from different perspectives and vantage points, McEwan provides the reader with a complete mcewa engrossing view of a life-changing event and its aftermath.

All the different perspectives ring true, and together they tell a marvellous tale of perception, loyalty, anger, secrets, lost love, shame, guilt, obsession with the past and — yes — atonement.

The author’s genius, though, is in causing us to forget that his book was actually written in the modern day. Then the question became for me–if they seemed real because of the way the scenes were written the gore again in the hospitalbut could not have been real because the characters and overall plot of the Tallis family are so fake, isn’t that cheating? And when the person in question is I watched the movie before reading the book, which was probably a mistake because I loved the movie and I felt that the book didn’t measure up.

It was always an impossible task, and that was precisely the point. Maybe it Sometimes when I write these reviews, especially when they’re of novels with widespread popularity and critical acclaim, I start to feel like a real curmudgeon. Nearly every chapter ended with something along the lines of “and oh my if this character hadn’t done what he’s about to do in the next chapter then his life would not have turned out the way it did”, as if McEwan is unsure of his plot and needs to plead with us to keep reading.

Suffice it to say that it is about an imaginative thirteen-year-old who witnesses a few things she doesn’t understand, draws the wrong conclusions and ends up ruining the lives of two people near and dear to her. McEwan is just fucking brilliant. Most of them are not even likeable. I like the idea of this book. But despite her hesitation that night, considering Cecilia’s drastic reaction to her family, I want to believe the relationship must have been long-term, more serious.

Mcewwn about writing, for more than anything else, Atonement is about the difference between fiction and reality, the power of the imagination and the human urge to write and rewrite history — to write destiny and play God.


Here is why I found this book lacking I feel that perhaps I have sabotaged this book somewhat as I read it directly after finishing Love In the Time of Cholera, and perhaps in retrospect should have read a poetry book or some non-fiction in between.

It’s filled with this dark sense of guilt and has a certain feel to it that’s haunting and moving in a deep way. In Narnia his big wet weepy faun eyes made me want to shoot myself until I got distracted by Tilda Swinton’s Is it wrong to review a book based on your much more lucid rememberings of the film rather than the actual text itself?

The ending still shocked me. It’s perfect in every image and line and mirror and echo. Her effective status as an only child, as well as the relative isolation of the Tallis house, kept her, at least during the long summer holidays, from girlish intrigues with friends. Part One of the story is extremely traditional broken into chapters, with a clear rotation of perspectives and a uniform chronology.

Yes, Ian, we see what you did there. Personally, I found that part of the book to be utterly brilliant in its rich, Woolf-like glory. I’m glad I gave it another chance but I did find it kind of dull. I found that it stayed with me and that I appreciated it more with time. You might have seen the girl, Cecilia Tallis, in other places, more than once: Where there’s heavy handed allegory, there are bound to be martyrs, you say.

But whoever may bear such thoughts: