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EN 12680-2 PDF

DIN EN () Founding – Ultrasonic examination – Part 2: Steel castings for highly stressed components. Hello. The scope of this standard is for highly stressed components. Where is the limit? When can I know if one material is higly stressed or not. Licens k?bt af: Vesta Wind System A/S Dansk standard DS/EN 1. udgave St?bning – Ultralydunders?gelse – Del 2.

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Resources Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. For greater wall thicknesses, special agreements apply with respect to test procedure and recording levels.

Students Click Here Join Us! This European Standard does not apply to austenitic steels and joint een. This standard is not included in any packages. One of the following two techniques shall be used: Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored. The dimension in through-wall direction of the discontinuity should be measured according to Figure 5.

Typical values are given in Table A. Add to Alert PDF. Download Now Rn manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. For simplification of the procedure, the following categorizations of discontinuities are made: The following formula is used for 12680-22 the flat-bottomed hole diameter into the side-drilled 21680-2 diameter: Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

When testing from one side only, short-range resolving probes shall be used additionally for the detection of discontinuities close to the surface.

If, during testing, suspicion arises that the reduction of backwall echo indication exceeds the recordable value see Table 3testing shall be repeated 12608-2 locally reduced test sensitivity and the reduction of backwall echo indication shall be determined quantitatively in decibels.


Steel castings for general purposes. ENFounding — Surface roughness inspection by visualtactile comparators. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. The height of the echo indication is given as flat-bottomed or side-drilled hole diameter.

BS EN 12680-2:2003

ENNon-destructive testing — Terminology — Part 4: ENFounding — Technical conditions of delivery — Part 2: Register now while it’s still free! Reduction of backwall echo by more than 12 dB. For an area with measurable length and non-measurable dimension in through-wall direction, this non-measurable dimension shall be taken as 3 mm and the area be calculated: DS-publikationstyper Dansk Standard udgiver forskellige publikationstyper.

When using transverse wave probes, irrespective of amplitude, all indications which 12860-2 travelling characteristics or have an apparent dimension in through-wall direction ej be recorded 126802- subsequent assessment according to 5. These indications shall not exceed the limits given in Table 1. During probe movement the sound paths 12680–2, but all indications remain without measurable dimensions. The wall section shall be divided into zones as shown in Figure 1.

Dimension of indication range equal to or larger than sound-beam diameter DF. The characterization of the type of discontinuities can be improved by using additional sound directions and angles of incidence. In order to prove this qualification, it is recommended to certify personnel in accordance with EN NOTE It is recommended that the sensitivity setting of 12680-22 probes is verified on real not artificial planar discontinuities cracks with dimensions in through-wall direction or on walls perpendicular to rn surface and infinite to the sound beam.


For undated references the latest edition of the publication referred to applies including amendments. Dimension of indication range equal to or larger than the sound-beam diameter DF.

This investigation can be achieved by altering the ultrasonic test technique e. Hvis der efter nr. If the opposite surface is machined or complies at least to the limit comparator 4 S1 or 4 S2 according to ENthis surface has a quality which is sufficient for transfer correction measurements. Already Subscribed to this document.

EN – NDT Ultrasonic examination. Founding – Material engineering other topics – Eng-Tips

Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! Distinction shall be made between the different types of indications given 12680- Table 4. The maximum distance between discontinuities as criterion for evaluation as an individual indication in through-wall direction or lateral to the surface, shall be 20 mm. Clustering of indications, mainly resolvable with non-measurable dimensions.

Need more than one copy? Download Now White Paper: Individual indications with measurable dimensions mainly in the through-wall direction: Figure 3 — Recording and acceptance limits for volumetric indications with measurable dimensions in the rim zone see also Figures C.

For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or wn. Founding Some information is available ne follows: If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email.

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