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Empress Menen Asfaw (Baptismal name Walatta Giyorgis) was the Empress consort of the Ethiopian Empire. She was the wife of Emperor. The Biography of Empress Menen Asfaw,. The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation. This revealing, well-written and rich with historic photographs, the most. It was important to ensure that Empress Menen’s birth date was correct. I asked John Abey, the young man who handed me the original book in Ethiopia, to triple .

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Menen Asfaw

This is not only my wish but also deep and keen interest of all Ethiopian to you. When I am speaking now in order to be understood to all countries my daughter princess Tsehaye translated my speech into English language.

Many of them are working in the government offices and in private organizations. Ethiopia do not think to act the violence conflict, epress wish is to maintain peace.

Gave Birth 22 Jan. I would like to prepare this book for your 67th birth day ceremony. On her return to Meneh the Empress made the following speech through Princess Tsehay.

Life and Times of Empress Menen Asfaw | The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated

She passed each problem patiently. The main reason is that an Ethiopian person translated her biography and the date was recorded as Megabit 25,which is the Ethiopian Calendar emprsss. Views Read Edit View history. The building was effective from Dec. More than in any country, women in Ethiopia as men fight in the battle field being courageous.

It is quite fitting to celebrate Empress Menen’s birthday from March 25 to April 3. InEmpress Menen rallied women from many countries to speak out against war.

This empresa was last edited on 28 Novemberat This is not the first time mendn Our people have joined Us in Our mourning. While the living members of the royal family state that Romanework is the eldest daughter of Empress Menen, [8] it has been asserted that Princess Romanework is actually the daughter of a previous union of the emperor with Woizero Altayech. It is extremely unlikely that either the Empress or the Prince had any idea of what was being plotted.


Even though I was separated for 31 years physically it is impossible to say that I was living alienated my self from you.

Some obvious typing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the text is unchanged.

According to both published and unpublished reports, the then Woizero Menen Asfaw was first given in marriage by her family to the prominent Wollo nobleman, Dejazmach Ali of Cherecha at a very young age, as was the prevailing custom.

With grace of God I ejpress eager to see my native place Wollo. She built, renovated and endowed numerous churches in Ethiopia and in the Holy Land.

We are very happy to express our deep feeling for the association. During the five years of Italian invasion many churches were devastated. Views Read Edit View history. I have no intention to be considered as a history writer level. Empress Menen also gave urban land for empreas residents. Our people live working peacefully being God fearing but the enemy is trying to devastate the wealth of the country and destroy our family in the name of modernization.

The people of Harar wished for the couple empresa be like the sacred marriage of Abraham and Sarah.

31 Days of Revolutionary Women, #21: Empress Menen

She also assigned guardians for orphan blinds to facilitate their learning teaching process. Though she grew up in a royal family, Empress Menen understood that education was not afforded to all women and she knew she had to make this change immediately. In June 26, menem patients in princess Tsahay Memorial Hospital. Indeed, he was among the leaders who fought empresx the side of Dejazmach Tafari Makonnen in the Battle of Segaleand died in that battle.

Empress Menen has been in a deep sorrow because her beloved children were died. Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie. During World War II she was exiled from Ethiopia due to the Italian occupation and she occupied her time going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land to pray for the deliverance of her country and pledging her crown to the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem if Ethiopia would be liberated. As consort, Empress Menen was very active and undertook a number of charitable duties focused on women, children and religious issues.


The amount of the money was from the sales of the books. Itege Menen Asfaw While the men were fighting in battle, she organized facilities to tend to the wounded, doctors, nurses and emergency aid. She had been an exemplary consort throughout her life with the last Ethiopian Emperor. Her father was Emperor Menelik II. Being born to nobility, she had no choice as to when or to whom she would be married.

Then she visited some places found between Asmara and Massawa. We are thankful to the Almighty for having vouchsafed to us that long uninterrupted union which is not very common in the world today: Empress Menen stood firmly against war and the torment that came from war.

Therefore, all women found in the world should prevent the war before it brings trouble and distress. Empress Menen noticed to His Imperial Majesty King of Kings to excuse for those who committed mistake and for those have done good deeds for their country to be promoted and assigned in the government offices.

However, a cloud of suspicion never left the Crown Prince, and the Empress was deeply saddened by this.