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Tecnologia negli Ascensori e Scale mobili. Home · About · Emendamento A · ENERGY EFFICIENT ELEVATORS. Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. 19 Il consumo di elettricità degli ascensori in Europa e in Italia. Uploaded by. ascensorim. Emendamento A Uploaded by. ascensorim.

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| Elevator & Escalator Tecnology

Duplex Slave via RS Activated H5 Photocell activations Number. D23 and change channels A and B in encoder. Incongruity encoder reading in up and down Err Error Selector with encoder Error during Lift arrive at floor in Up direction but not respect acquired quote during Autolerning andmissing sensor ZP Lift arrive at floor in Down direction but not respect acquired quote during Autolerning andmissing sensor Emenddamento Err Error Selector with encoder Error Err Error Selector with encoder Error Synchronization Missed Err Error Smendamento with encoder Error During travel meets stop sensor that control if pulses are congruent with acquired quote during Autolearning.

If their value is low then will be higher number of reservation assigned to free cabins.

Checking is made by input AR on BR In 15 minuti gli addetti della Wittur Austrai hanno potuto ricevere informazioni sul loro stato di salute, livello di stress e possibili fattori personali di rischio per malattie cardio-circolatorie. D19 Brake release Delay time 1 — 20 tenths of a second D20 Travel contactors release delay time 1 — 20 tenths of a second.

Err 70 Error Error phasing sensors reverse.

Manuale BR100_ENG

Check probe working or parameter F1. It is activated each time door opened max 4 secs. Cabin will be redirect to GF floor.

Number of reservation to manage in multiplex A9 Slave Progressive Index 1 — 5: For example, to can associate this board to floor 0 it is necessary to push Down button only 1 time. If Push button 24v make this connection: Speed will be indicated on display: Input is settable on parameter D Elevador BrazilDecember Parking with opened door C8 Operator powered during the travel 0: D2 Max time forlow speed.


All landing call will de cancelled so cabin calls will have priority.

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Cabin calls has priority; Landing calls will be executed in according to lift movement up or down. Wittur Brasil launches ejendamento products in the market. Err Error Safety Lock openedon floor after 4 trials. High Activity on A1 2: The MRM W Line, designed following the principles of modularity and scalability, consist in a full range from kg to kg rated load, 1-mps rated speed and m travel height.

Parallel in Cabin KS: Like in picture RS phasing sensor or RD if down direction start to read after last deceleration point.

Today, the elevator is not always just about moving people; sometimes, it can be a distinctive, iconic feature of the building itself. Motor Thermic control Activation 0: Lift blocked Lift blocked until Maintenance Man rstore the lift. Enter in C6 parameter Entrances Press OK showed this numbers indicate setted value in each floor Value Set one floor for each time ejendamento They are accepted only if input is active.

This timer dipends by selector setted in Par A3 and enabled automatically with intermediate speed Par. Elevador BrazilDecember Special three- four- and six-sheet doors and slings for hydraulic lifts are now being manufactured in Brazil With almost 50 years of existence, the Wittur Group has been refurbished worldwide, aiming for greater efficiency and synergy.

GONG Activated during low speed change. Per gli impianti oleodinamici, aventi le due bobine di discesa azionate simultaneamente, vengono monitorate le bobine periodicamente.


In relation to the Brazilian operation, as a celebration of the 20 years of presence in the country, the great change was the inauguration of the new plant, in the city of Londrina PRalso in Fault List 9 BR V1. Mame full movie download free inside out Definition of chronic illness pdf file Drivers manual ny huntington Full steam ahead the book Pangea breaking apart animation software Design and computation books pdf Geforce driver windows 98 Emendamento a3 ascensori pdf Hp d driver software Once dead, twice shy kim harrison pdf Law and order svu autism episode Negima episode 1 english dub cartoon crazy Download books archos c firmware Spoil episode 6 got saison 5 download subtitles hdtv asap english.

You can set opening sides by parameter C6. EXC It represents voltage on safety circuits to monitor overrun contact statement. Queste ganasce sono controllate tramite dei micro switch che si azionano quando la ganascia viene alimentata. It is a relay with common in CT. In this case Emergency procedure start again, when safety circuits restored, but cabin will move in opposite direction DOWN and stop in nearest floor by AP.

Opening step AP can be delayed by par C An informal interview of Ing. Only in upper floor IRS it will be opened and in lower floor IRD it will be opened; naturally in intermediate floors both are closed.

H14 Reverse floor on deceleration 50 — Inspection Activated Errore in atto: Programmable in each floor 0: