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EMC Clariion – Possible Questions for Interview – Download as Word Doc .doc /. docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. (apologies in advance if anyone feels this is posted in the wrong forum). I’m applying for a server analyst job with an organisation that has a. SAN Interview questions (EMC Storage – Clariion, DMX and VMAX) What is Power path? Power path CLI to manage disks List Power path policy What is Vault.

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Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? The module architecture allows the customer to add drives as needed to meet capacity requirements. What are steps to assign a LUN to existing Host? Queshions primary interface for managing Symmetrix arrays. If it is Registered and not logged in then you need to check the Zoning side and physical connectivity.

What are pre requisites for LUN migration? Eliminates of searching for required storage on arrays. The steps for creating a masking view are: How do you upgrade the NaviSphere Manager? Initiator groups can be cascaded. What is HEAT report?

Storage queetions with symaccess allows you to create a group of devices, a group of director ports, a group of host initiators, and with one command, associate them in what is called a masking view.


Anonymous January 21, at 5: Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: Spcollect is a Storage Processor based perl script which gathers significant information from the Storage Processor and bundles this information for investigation by engineering.

Emc Vmax Interview Questions & Answers

Once a masking view exists, devices, ports, and initiators can be easily added or removed from their respective groups.

It will determine which physical addresses, in this case the device numbers, each attached host will use for its LUNs.

Initiators can be dynamically added or removed from initiator groups. They are the first five 5 disks in all Clariions. Ports can be dynamically added or removed from port groups.

Your early response will highly be appreciated. This initiator information is stored in the Access Logix database. Reduce the amount of allocated but unused physical storage. What Questios Features Of V-max? Immediacy – Satisfy user requests without going to the disks. The devices should be evenly spread across the DAs questkons drives. Manage the Symmetrix system from anywhere in your enterprise. Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs.

Select the migration rate and click on OK. Right click on Clariion Array select Properties from the drop down menu.

EMC Community Network – DECN: Interview questions – Clariion CXf

Anonymous May 28, at What are the significant features of Access Logix? Auto-provisioning Groups is especially helpful in large, virtualized server environments that require the availability of many volumes to many host initiators and many storage ports.


Fully Automated Storage Tiering FAST — Reduces cost for performance, saves energy, and simplifies storage tier management by allowing the dynamic allocation of data across storage tiers, based on user defined policies and on the changing performance requirements of the applications.

Attach the Service Processor to your network. It is recommended that data devices in a pool all reside on drives that have the same rotational speed. Up to GB global memory. Anonymous June 5, at Provisioning and resource allocation. Repository for frequently accessed data. Ramana October 2, at 8: Storage Area Network Interview Questions. Allows the allocation of portions of cache to specific device groups.

Manages the Access Control List. What is the recommended ration of Read and Write cache? Anonymous June 9, at 4: Event Monitor is part of the Navisphere Agent. In environments where multiple hosts attach to the storage system, this will cause problems.

Explain step by step procedure for LUN migration?