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Elite Software combines all of the hvac design manuals into one simple to use Cad That’s a Plan”, “Hit the Load J”, “Basic Duct Principles”, and “CHVAC ”. chvac logo Commercial Load Calculation Software. Calculates heating and cooling loads for commercial applications, compliant with ASHRAE Standard Elite Software Chvac Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Handbook NFPA Health Care Facilities The B-Line series Cable Tray Manual

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You can drop the humidity all you want and it won’t add a reheat coil and won’t even adjust the cooling coil temperature. It is a value that Rhvac Online automatically calculates based on the grains value of the indoor room condition and the grains value of the outdoor design condition.

In some other packages I used to use psychro module is also separate. Because Rhvac Online groups rooms into zones and zones into systems, zones, as well as rooms, are not independent of systems to which they are assigned. I will try to look at it when reaching HAP. This is a picture of a HAP report, as you can see, HAP does subtract the fan load when it comes to heating during the winter http: Finally, the two people per bedroom is a recommended procedure to estimate the minimum number of people in a building.

Fan adding heat to supply air is not adding load but actually reducing it. Walls, roofs, and glass sections each have their own hourly load factors that are dependent primarily on orientation and time of day. What did you put in “motor efficiency” or something like that in air handler settings screen in chvac? Download Now White Paper: ACCA Manual J is a residential load calculation procedure that makes many simplifying assumptions so that it is reasonably easy to perform manual heat gain and heat loss calculations.


Thanks a lot for your replies, Drazen. This discrepancy can also occur if you cgvac any rooms in the system in which you have not placed a supply runout object, or if you have attached elits supply runout for a room to a duct system that is not the same as the System Number property that you assigned to that room. If the roof is exposed to a conditioned area, select Roof on Exposed Beams roof material selections 17A through 17L and enter dimensions of inclined and flat portions of the roof in the Room Data page.

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Elite Software Chvac 8.02.32

Thus, it is appropriate for all commercial applications. Showing net and recommended tonnage values on the reports is optional.

The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. Other than that, all software manufacturers have clear accountability waivers, and engineering chambers also mention manial often. I just want to know which is right. Check your component dimensions for each room on the Room Data page and check that they have been entered using the right units.

Another reason for excessively high soffware could be windows. Since the ratio of a room’s sensible gain to the sensible gain of the system is probably not equal to the ratio of the rooms sensible loss to the sensible loss of the system, the rooms’ heating and cooling airflows are probably different, so the sum of the sortware airflows may not equal that of the system.

There are several things that you should check and that might be responsible for low loads:. The one load factor averages the varying heat gain during the day for that orientation.

The important point to remember is that Rhvac Online does not depend on the time of day, rather it depends on the peak load. Unless the roof is ,anual by a skylight window s in Glass entries on the Room Data page, the direction of the roof will always be UP, no matter what direction you specify and, therefore, softdare not affect the loads. Energy consumption calculations are different and they do subtract internal loads regularly. Some HVAC professionals make their own judgement about whether a building used for commercial purposes can be treated like a residence.

  EWCM 4180 PDF

You have to save “clever” work for yourself.

And this is a picture of an Elite report for the same AHU http: Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! At best, software is your reliable helper who does less errors in tedious tasks. Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. Are zones independent of systems? The Rhvac Online program allows you to have several systems within the same project and specify different design conditions for each one of them on System Data page.

Elite Software Chvac | موقع مهندسى الكهرباء والميكانيكا العرب

You can enter the number of people present in each room on that room’s Room Data page. Why does changing the direction of a roof not affect the roof’s loads? If there is any doubt as to the “tightness” of the construction on a building, select your infiltration value somewhat on the high side. It is very “modern” concept, and I don’t know if any standard supports it. The Ventilation Required CFM entry in the Room Data screen is just maual as a check for your benefit in the printout to ensure that individual room ventilation requirements are met by the system.

For example, zone 1 of system 1 is not the same as zone 1 of system 2.