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Elite Software combines all of the hvac design manuals into one simple to use Cad That’s a Plan”, “Hit the Load J”, “Basic Duct Principles”, and “CHVAC ”. chvac logo Commercial Load Calculation Software. Calculates heating and cooling loads for commercial applications, compliant with ASHRAE Standard Elite Software Chvac Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Handbook NFPA Health Care Facilities The B-Line series Cable Tray Manual

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Such approach works sofrware in areas where engineer’s responsibilities are not defined. Nevermind that east glass has more heat gain in the morning and less heat gain in the afternoon.

You can drop the humidity all you want and it won’t add a reheat coil and won’t even adjust the cooling coil temperature. The one load factor averages the varying heat gain during the day for that orientation.

Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. There are several factors that can greatly contribute to the loads on a building.

The Rhvac Online program allows you to have several systems within the same project and specify different design conditions for each one of them on System Data page. Why does HAP subtract the supply fan load and Elite doesn’t? Remember that windows are entered in units of feet, not inches.

Elite Software Chvac 8.02.32

In Rhvac Online, a zone is a group of one or more rooms. Go to the following page: I used at least half dozen of calculation software and don’t like much those who try to do work for you, in more complex projects such automatism can cause nasty errors. We do not recommend that you grossly oversize a unit, but we do recommend that you adequately size the unit to handle some unexpected loads. A program like HAP does this automatically and it adds a heating coil and gives you it’s capacity.

Showing net and recommended tonnage janual on the reports is optional. The full version will allow access to the program’s maximum of rooms divided among a maximum of 30 systems and 50 zones per system.


What is a system? I always leave it, i.

Question for anyone who uses Elite Chvac. – HVAC/R engineering – Eng-Tips

Why does the sum of the room airflows not equal the airflow of the system? Even though Manual J recommends using the same infiltration rate for all buildings over square feet, we have found that you should continue reducing the air changes per hour rate as the building size increases over square feet. What did you put in “motor efficiency” or something like that in air handler settings screen in chvac? Thus, it is appropriate for all commercial applications.

Sofware likely does not reduce loads but only adds it. I never subtract internal heat gains from heat loss calculation. Question for anyone who uses Elite Chvac. How do I handle an inclined roof? I entered a ventilation value in the Room Data screen, but my results don’t show this ventilation. Calculated loads seem to be too high.

Getting Started > Frequently Asked Questions

Since the sensible gain for windows and skylights at the system level is always based on the average load procedure plus any AED excursion load, the sum of the room cooling airflows will be larger than that of the system in this case. They do not car about official standards much. All of these methods employ more sophisticated procedures than what Manual J uses. Another way it can happen is when you have assigned rooms within the same system to more than one zone, and the “Use CV if multizone” input on the System Data page is set to “No.

A system is a group of zones maintained under certain design conditions. Note, however, that if your building appears to have more appliances than normal, you need to adjust your sensible loads accordingly.

Energy consumption calculations are different and they do subtract internal loads regularly.

Are zones independent of systems? East and west glass have the same load factors while north and south glass are each unique. These rooms contain heated water and, thus, usually produce a latent load. I have learnt a great deal. The load calculation demo version is limited to three rooms, 15′ wall lengths and 8′ wall heights. Latent loads from bathrooms and sensible equipment loads from televisions are two such examples.


When neither of the above two situations is occurring and you have draw ductwork using the graphic Manual D Ductsize cuvac in Drawing Board, it is still possible for the sum of runout airflows for a system to not equal the airflow of the supply main trunk, which may indicate that there is a problem. Another reason for excessively high loads could be windows.

The direction of a roof is meaningful only if the roof has a skylight window s. I just want to know which is right.

Download Now White Paper: Title “Fan and Duct Loads” is somewhat misleading, it should probably be written something like “Duct loads in winter” and “Fan and Duct Loads in summer”, but so many words would not fit in the report layout. ACCA Manual J is a residential load calculation procedure that makes many simplifying assumptions so that it is reasonably easy to perform manual heat gain and heat loss calculations.

Check your people loads entered on the Outdoor Design Conditions page and make sure that reasonable values have been entered for active and dhvac loads per person.

It’s easy to join and it’s free. By conservatively, we mean be critical about rating a house as having “tight” construction. Thus, a north wall receives the same load factor as a south wall. Check the infiltration rate entered on the Soffware Data page and make sure it is not too low.

It is a value that Rhvac Online automatically calculates based on the grains value of the indoor room condition and the grains value of the outdoor design condition. By “hidden” sensible and latent loads, we mean loads that are present but might not necessarily be obvious to a new user. Thanks a lot for your replies, Drazen.