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Adoption of EITF – Revenue Arrangements with Multiple Deliverables When an invoice/order has an undelivered item (item that will not. The Clock is Ticking to Adopt the Latest EITF Revenue Recognition Rules. We’re firmly over the halfway mark for – and if you’re in. This question was asked by an attendee at a recent Proformative Rev Rec webinar: Would EITF cover arrangements with customers that included both.

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For multinational businesses, yet another witf is the added complexity of ensuring that currency rates are correctly applied to ESPs. At NetSuite, we run our business on NetSuite—which means our business systems must already be closely aligned to enable us to quickly eitd advantage of these new rules. You need to ensure that your systems and processes provide you with the flexibility to manage the sales amount that is presented to your customer i.

Product sales prices may vary based on discount rates, partner channels, or industry. Establish processes for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. These new revenue recognition changes now enable Apple to eiff the iPhone hardware revenue as soon as it is sold, while the revenue recognition for the software is based on an estimated value that is spread over the life of the iPhone.

NetSuite Blog

There could also be an impact by SOP In fact, over the past few months we’ve been talking to revenue accounting teams around the country about this topic. They’re the best estimate of the average selling price for an item, broken out by the key dimensions of their pricing fitf — 080-1 it’s by geo, channel, new or existing customer – and they’re the amounts used to drive the allocation.

That would indicate that those services may not be a software related item. For those of you familiar with software revenue recognition rules, VSOE has no doubt been the source of many sleepless nights and long ektf with your auditors. Understanding the New Rules So, what are the two new rules, in a nutshell? Apple early adopted in the first quarter of fiscal and the impact to their results was substantial. Ensure you’re positioned to manage and recognize all types of revenue.


NetSuite also offers its revenue recognition functionality as a standalone cloud based application specifically designed just to handle revenue recognition for companies that might just need this incremental functionality to their existing ERP systems.

Apple, eigf example, has been at the forefront in pushing for these changes. Weight available information and make a best estimate. Consider adjustments based on market conditions e. And the second reason is due to one of my favorite eutf about spreadsheets:. A significant number of prospective customers we speak to are already doing their revenue recognition calculations outside of their financial systems—often on spreadsheets—because they have reached the limits of their existing accounting systems.

The new guidance in EITF introduces a third tier of evidence that you are required to follow to separate out different elements of a contract. Under the old rules, Apple eitr to recognize all iPhone revenue over a two-year period. Deals with arrangements that include both hardware and software elements. My own company NetSuite, has evaluated these new accounting rules and has announced we will be early adopting in It’s worth noting that the introduction of these rules means the elimination of the residual method and if you don’t know what that is, consider yourself fortunate.

Getting Your Finance Processes in Shape for FASB’s New Revenue Recognition Rules

And ditf are these Estimated Selling Prices you ask? It leaves us in a strong position to ensure that our financial and operational systems aren’t a roadblock to adopting this preferred revenue recognition method, and that we can focus on booking the revenue, rather than spending time and resources managing the underlying systems.

For example, the average sales price for services may be derived from hourly billing rates that may vary based on geography or type of resource.

Sign In Sign Up. If you’re using spreadsheets it’s probably going to mean a separate spreadsheet for each order to manage the allocation. However, your question indicates that the services have standalone value not associated with the software.

Broadly speaking, the impact of EITF is that companies that had been required to recognize multiple elements under a single unit of accounting must break those out into multiple units, and recognize them at different rates—meaning they can recognize revenue more quickly on some elements than they could before.

Visit the NetSuite Site. Without it, calculating them can become a time-consuming manual process. Given that companies can now recognize services delivery on a different schedule than subscription revenues, it becomes critical to ensure that the PSA system is tightly integrated with the financials. Anyone who sells products or services that are delivered at different times could be affected by these rules. We have made it a priority to ensure that the NetSuite system can already support these recent changes to revenue recognition rules i.


The relevant allocations and calculations must be managed correctly—and preferably, automatically. Scrutinize and align your financial system and existing revenue recognition processes to cope.

It also has the advantage that it can take data from multiple systems and produce the actual revenue recognition journals that you’ll need to have your financials correct. Ask a question Can be anonymous.

EITF , FASB Revenue Recognition Adoption Best Practices

I think I would look first to SOP and whether the services would be considered a “software related item”. How do you treat EITF revenue recognition on unrelated items in the same sales order? They all sell multi-element products, whether it’s a refrigerator sold with a maintenance contract, a smart-phone sold with “more than incidental software,” or, as in NetSuite’s case, subscription software that’s sold together with support and services.

Browse the Business Exchange to find information, resources and peer reviews to help you select the right solution for your business.

Gather all reasonably available data points. In a nutshell, these new rules mean that you’re going to have to allocate each sales order down to the line item level using Estimated Sales Prices as the allocation driver, and then spread it over the revenue recognition schedule.

They really aren’t the answer this time around, for a number of very good reasons. You can withdraw your consent at any time. A single repository of sales, finance and services data is extremely valuable when calculating ESPs.

By signing up, you will receive emails from Proformative regarding Eitg programs, events, community news and activity. And the second reason is due to one of my favorite quotes about spreadsheets: It’s critical to take a comprehensive look at the various types of revenue—such as time-based, percentage of completion for services08–01, etc.