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Perdiccas appointed Ptolemyone of Alexander’s closest companions, to be satrap of Egypt. Julius Caesar left Rome for Alexandria in 48 BC in order to quell the looming civil war, as war in Egypt, which was one of Rome’s greatest suppliers of grain and other expensive goods, would have had a detrimental effect on trade.

Ptolemaic Kingdom – Wikipedia

Ptolemaic art was produced ptolemsico the reign of the Ptolemaic Rulers —30 BC ptollemaico, and was concentrated primarily within the bounds of the Ptolemaic Empire. As Egypt came under foreign domination and decline, the Pharaohs depended on the Greeks as mercenaries and even advisors.

From Alexander to Cleopatra. During the polemaico between the death of Alexander and Ptolemy’s assumption of the style of king, it even issued an autonomous coinage.

With his death, Rome split between egipti of Mark Antony and Octavian. The Ptolemaic kingdom was diverse in the people who settled and made Egypt their home at this time. Their History from the Assyrians to the Umayyads, Prof. While ruling Egyptthe Ptolemaic Dynasty built many Greek settlements throughout their Empire, to either Hellenize new conquered peoples or reinforce the area.


Hermas son of Doreon, of the deme Megisteus, was the proposer: For example, the faience sistrum inscribed with the name of Ptolemy has some deceptively Greek characteristics, such as the scrolls at the top, however, there are many examples of nearly identical sistrum and columns dating all the way to Dynasty 18 in the New Kingdom.

With their vast amount of territory spread along the Eastern Mediterranean such as CyprusCretethe islands of the Aegean and even Thracethe Ptolemies required a large navy to defend these far-flung egopto from enemies like the Seleucids and Macedonians. His reign was inaugurated by the murder of his mother, and he was always under the influence of royal favouritesmale and female, who controlled the government.

Ptolemaic Kingdom

The Statuette of Arsinoe II was created c. However, with the decline of royal power, they gained influence and became common in the military. The later Ptolemies took on Egyptian ltolemaico by marrying their siblings per the Osiris mythhad themselves portrayed on public monuments in Egyptian style and dress, and participated in Egyptian religious life. A common stele that appears during the Ptolemaic Dynasty is the cippus, religious objects produced for the purpose of protection of individuals.

El Egipto ptolemaico – Miguel Ángel Elvira – Google Books

Inmore than 2, papyri written by Zeno of Caunus from the time of Ptolemy II Philadelphus were discovered, which contained at least 19 references to Arabs in the area between the Nile and the Red Seaand mentioned their jobs as police officers in charge of “ten person units”, and some others were mentioned as shepherds. They soon pgolemaico out, however, and quarrels between the two brothers allowed Rome to interfere and to steadily increase its influence in Egypt. The main Roman interest in Egypt was always the reliable delivery of grain to the city of Rome.


On the east was the main harbor, called the Great Harbor; it faced the city’s chief buildings, including the royal palace and the famous Library and Museum. At the time when Sir Flinders Petrie wrote the words just quoted [ citation needed egiipto the great Temenos was identified with the Hellenion. Whereas the prytaneis who were colleagues with Dionysius the son of Musaeus in the 8th year, etc.

After his death, Cleopatra and her younger brother inherited the throne, but their relationship soon degenerated. Roman and Byzantine Egypt. Having little choice, and witnessing one city after another falling to Macedon and the Seleucid empire, the Ptolemies chose to ally with the Romans, a pact that lasted over years. Of the three Greek cities, Naucratisalthough its commercial importance was reduced with the founding of Alexandria, continued in a quiet way its life as a Greek city-state.

List of Ptolemaic rulers. He left a stable and well-governed kingdom to his son. We have still, inscribed on ptklemaico, decrees passed in the assembly of the people of Ptolemais, couched in the regular forms of Greek political tradition: Periodic conflicts occurred between Jews and ethnic Greeks.

Women in Hellenistic Egypt: Journal of Near Eastern Studies.

Under the wealthy Ptolemaic Dynasty, the city soon surpassed Athens as the cultural center of the Hellenic world.