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Sewage Treatment Plants. DVZ – JZR “ BIOMASTER”®. Biological Sewage. The innovative product range of DVZ specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts. Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ-JZR ” BIOMASTER”® (customized version for .

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Use proper protective clothing. Press the reset button on the overloadprotection inside the control panel and turn the pump on to determine whether the pump motor overloaded and dropped out of the circuit.

Keep chlorine container tightly capped. Drain all the liquid out the casing, through the drain cover or plug. If air is being forced out of the Disinfecting tank vent regardless of the nature of the odor there is excessive back dvzz in the Treatment Tanks which is blowing out the Spillover water seal and allowing the Treatment Tank to vent into the space through the Disinfwecting tank vent.

Liquid chlorine is aggressive, and poisonous. The surface of the electromagnet can become very hot during continuous operation.

DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant

Turn discharge pump s off when tanks are empty. Copyright Exapro s. Start discharge pump s manually if provided and drain or pump contents overboard, if outside of regulated waters, or into a suitable receiver for disposal.


Replace auxiliary relay and start again. Nach Montage und elektr. Chlorine in tablets of liquid form can be hazardous. As a result a partial flow of the metering quantity is constantly fed back to the supply tank. There can be several causes; The spillover hose inside treatment tanks, to disinfectin tank are clogged, the vent on the disinfecting tank is blocked, or the Treatment Tanks are overdue pumpout. Always drain the pump casing of product before removing the pump from its associated pipework.

We advise to have the discharge pipe at least 1 diameter step large connect to suitable overboard with a checkvalve direct near the discharge pump, to prevent backflow in to the treatment plant. Turn the blower off. The procedure outlined below is recommended if the system is to consistently produce a clear effluent. Flush pump and hoses with fresh water and drain to prevent freezing.

Close Disinfecting tank discharge valve V3. Check for leaks in the Treatment Tank vent pipe. Close all air and water valves, and inspect overall system visually. Spillings shall be rinsed away with plenty of water.

Luft kann nicht ausweichen. Unlackierte Stellen ohne Rostschutzmittel sollten behandelt werden. Galley waste water is fed to the sewage treatment system via a skw separator. Do not reach into intake opening. Observe the mandatory rules and regulations for accident prevention and environmental protection in the country and place of use of the pump.



One should wear protective clothings, gloves and safety glasses. Seek advice from your safety officer or the manufacturer if you have any doubts. The system will begin to go through a process known as endogenous respiration, during which the bacterial culture will consume itself in absence of another zka source.

Valve sewage into Treatment Tank. Check that pump is running.

Always keep in mind during maintenance and repairs, that bacteria and viruses are present in the waste water. The current flowing through the medium is a real AC, therefore there will be no galvanic erosion of the electrodes.

The vent shall have no excessive resistance or “goose necks”. For Dilution Water 12 it is possible to use fresh- and seawater.

Use protective clothes, gloves, and rubber boots where necessary.