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DVBLink TVSource with Network Pack is also a UPnP server that streams live TV to UPNP Setting up the system to watch TV on one computer is easy. Simply. i have not much possible settings in DvbLink TV server, it only . describing exactly what kind of streams can DVBLink TV source produce. DVBLogic TVButler TC Tuner only – computer TV tuners (DVB-T2, DVB-C, . a USB TV tuner and the highly awarded DVBLink TVSource server software.

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Presumably not the Signal?

Posted September 17, edited. Hello, majstang, thanks for your reply and tries for helping me anyway, i appreciate it. DVBLogic Visit our new site at www. I tried to replace it with recording service and add hardware there, but i dont know hot to setup upnp receival there. Hello, i am paying customer od DVBViewer.

What would you guess is the problem? Edited September 6, by soundguy. The full list of clients with screenshots and download links can be found at our wiki: However you usually get much better quality EPG data, including series information, large descriptions, thumbnails, crew information, genre etc.

On the list of the filters is only: Please note that to watch live or recorded TV over the internet you need to open several ports on your router as described here [9].

And it produces normal Mpeg 2. It was working ok but i used to miss night broadcasted episodes. Register a new account. The purpose of the Recoring Service is to record and stream videos over network DVBViewer clients on other computers or over inet.


Already have an account? As i said, DVBViewer recognizes TV channell list correctly, but when switching to channells, no audio or video is coming out of it. I am complete newbie, i was also trying to add a hardware inside DVBViewer, that maybe should not be necesarry.

It is linux machine, so i cant use Recording service there if there is not any Linux distribution of it, that im am not awared of. Posted October 5, If your question is still not answered – register at our forums and ask the question there! Retrieved from ” http: DVBViewer has, as the only program, problem with streams coming out of it. If your question is not answered here, you can browse our Wiki [2] or our Forums [3] to see if you can find the information there.

I think this could be a source of problem. Problem is, when it shutdowns every nightmachine is not able record anything anymore logically.

DVBLink v4.5 product suite from DVBLogic released

Posted September 20, Just no video and audio appears inside it except the 2 or 3 cases dvvlink above It has same options as DVBViewer, only less of them: Posted October 4, Hello, i dont know if i understand you correctly. Also using Media Player Classic works flawless. It has multiple options. Hello, i am newbie.

DVBLink v product suite from DVBLogic released – Movies Games and Tech

All future updates software releases that do not change the major version number dvglink free for all purchased DVBLink products. No sources are found across all frequencies. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


I dont think you need the DVBLink server at all. If I am correct, Recording dvlink is windows only.

That could solve whole problem, IMHO. You will get a response from the qualified technical people or other enthusiastic users of our products. I wonder if there is a device out there to boost the signal in some way to emulate what the TV is doing? I then re-added the tuner source for the DVB-T card and redid the scan with a logging level of “Extended info”, same results. Posted September 6, edited. I am wondering if dvblnik signal quality is too low but I tried this “standard aerial cable” directly into the back of a Samsung TV and it worked without any problems, cannels are seen and even an almost complete EPG data set is configurahion which suggests the signal is good enough?

This page was last modified on 8 Julyat Tv signal source is ok. Like Simpsons in late night after midnightor reprises of some other conifguration during time, when i have my PC turned off.

Emby server and DVBlink server

The number of simultaneous clients, watching live or recorded TV, is limited to 8 eight clients. I configurafion pick “Friends”, or “Simpsons” and it is being recorded anytime every broadcast from epg without need of any other action. But in DVBViewer i am having big difficulties. There is no general answer to this question. But also i didnt succeeded. Edited September 21, by soundguy.