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Namawali or names of Mata Durga Paath or Vidhi to please Maa Durga. Maa Durga Names in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. Do the paath as per. Durgashtottara Shatanama Stotram is collection of names of Goddess Durga and it is recited at the beginning of Durga Saptashati just before Patha Vidhi. names of Goddess Durga, names of Goddess Durga, Goddess Durga names , Goddess Durga’s names.

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All rights reserved worldwide. Need Vs Greed- Nitin. Saranamasi suranam sidha vidhyadharanaam, Muni manuja naes, dasyubhisthasithanaam, Nrupathi gruha gathanaam, vyadhibhi peedithanam, Thwamasi saranameka devi durge praseeda. Anadhasya dheenasya thrushnathurasya, Bhayarthasya bheethasya bhadasya jantho, Thwameka gathir Devi nisthara karthri, Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge.

People worshipping the goddess on all nine days begin by worshipping Devi Shailputri on the first day, Devi Brahmacharini on second, Devi Chandraghanta on third, Devi Kushmandal on fourth, Devi Skandmata on fifth, Devi Katyayani on sixth, Na,es Kalratri on seventh, Mahagauri on the eight and end by worshipping Siddhidatri on the ninth day of the Navratra. Namaschandige, chanda saptasati leela, Samuth gandtha aganditha sesha sathro, Thwameka gather Devi nisthara bheejam, Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge.

If you just wish to do it one time only, I would suggest furga to do 32 names of Maa too. Before reading the text one should chant the following mantra: Maa Durga Naam. Worship the goddess after establishing the kalash at saptasyati according to the rituals told. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Pankaj Upadhyay Public Figure. Swarg Ki Doosri Seedhi. Namasthe saranye, shive sanukampe, Namasthe jagad vyapike viswaroope, Namasthe jagad vandhya padaravindhe, Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge.

Durga Maa is depicted as riding on a lion or tiger having eight arms carrying weapons and a lotus flower, maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras. Pipariya Peoples News Personality. Google Advertisement Feel free to post your comments and additions. Om asya shridurgasaptshlokistotramantrasya narayana rishi, anushthup chand, shrimahakali – mahalakshmi – mahasaraswatasyo devta, shri durgaprityath sapthshloki durgapathe viniyoga.


Rogaana seshana pahamsi tushta rushta thu kaamaan sakalana bheeshtan Thwama shrithanam navipanna raanaam thwama shrithahya shrayatham prayanthi duurga. Maa Bala Sundri Devi. Atha Saptshloki Durga Shiva Uwach.

Goddess Durga is the power of Supreme Being. It is also suggested that one can do havan of this naam mala with aahutis with different names during the festival of Navratraslike Om Maa Sati Swaha Om Maa Saadhavi Swaha and so on.

Durga Saptashati Durgashtottara Shatanama Stotram – Sanskrit Lyrics with Video Song

Sections of this page. Namasthe jagath chinthyamana swaroope, Namasthe maha yogini, jnana roope, Namasthe, namasthe sadananda roope, Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. This form portrays her purest appearance where she is calm and quiet. Inform And Get Informed!

Purpose of Human Life-Nitin. After she killed the demon Durgamaasura, she was named Durga. The devotess should keep fast for 9 days and there are other fasts like saptratra, panchratra, yugamratra and ekratra fasts for those who are unable to observe fasts for all nine days.

Baba Murad Shah Ji. The devoteee should chant names of the goddess Durga in the form of a mantra. She is worshipped in the form of Kali, Parvathi and Ambika. Before reading the text one should chant the following mantra:. The goddess can be pleased by reading the text of Durgasapshati and the devotee is blessed with good results.

Sarvam vaa slokamekam vaa yah padeth bhakthiman sada, Sa sarvam dushkrutham thyakthwa prapnodhi paramam padam.

If you are not able dufga read Durgasapshati, then read the Saptshloki mantra. It a strota consisting of 7 shloks describing the ddurga essence of Shri Durga Saptashati.


Namo devi durge shive Bheema nadhe, Saraswathyarundathithyamogha swaroope, Vibhoothi sachi kala rathri sathi thwam, Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. Om sarva mangalye shive sarvartha sadhike Saranye tryambike gauri narayani namostute 4.

Durga Saptashati Durga Ashtottara Shatanama Stotram – Sanskrit Lyrics with Video

You can do this naam mala times or 9 times as sapptashati your capability or will. The devotees keep fast from the pratipada till saptami and on the ashtami young girls are offered halwa and channa as a prasad of mata. Durga manifests fearlessness and patience, and never loses her sense of humor, even during spiritual battles of epic proportion.

Thwamevaghabhava dhrutha sathya vadi, Na jathajitha krodhanath krodhanishta, Ida pingala thwam sushumna cha nadi, Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. She is portrayed with eight hands equipped with different weapons astra and sastra. COMthe premier online community since for the Indian immigrant community provides a range of resourceful services for immigrants and visitors in America.

Below are the names of Maa Durga which can be used for paath everyday or occasionaly. Saraswati secondary School Movai School. With No Copyright Restrictions. Another aspect of goddess Durga is provided in Shri Durga Saptashati. Maa Durga, the original form of all.

The famous festival of Maa Durga is Navratras or the festival of 9 divine nights. Shardiya Navratra is an important festival to worship the goddess of power. Sankat Nashan Ganesh Stotram. Apare, maha dusthare athyantha ghore, Vipath sagare majjatham deha bhajam, Thwameka gather Devi, nisthara hethu, Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge.