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Dread Necromancers have a few chances to add any Cleric or Wizard/Sorcerer Necromancy spell to their spell list via Advanced Learning. A Dread Necromancer is a necromancer who’s more of a . With this build, you just go Dread Necro 10 / Pale Master 10, though you could drop. Necromantic Classes:There are three necromantic base classes of note: the Wizard, the Cleric, and of course the Dread Necromancer.

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Affected creatures become shaken. Incorporeal creatures can’t be hurt except by magic attacks, and having attacks that “count as magic for the purposes of penetrating DR” doesn’t count. The range of spells available to you is smaller than what the others have available.

One the other hand if I can I have a few possibilities in mind. Nor is he early.

Melee Specialized Dread Necromancer (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

A creature who successfully saves cannot be affected by that dread necromancer’s fear aura for 24 hours. Or at least awesome. But anyway, thanks again for animating up this guide for us.

Favored Soul – Healer – Marshal – Warmage. The Rebuking handed out by such classes as the Hadnbook is useful only for powering Divine Feats — it should not be confused with an actual manner to control or bolster the Undead. A dread necromancer can use the spectral hand spell to deliver this attack from a distance. For an arcane caster, this is a great way handboook get access to a few key clerical spells like Desecrate.


Use that, then run in with your Fear Aura. Originally Posted by Erenthia. The key is whether Charnel Touch is an attack action or a standard action, it is heavily implied to be an attack action but this is unclear in the text. The dread necromancer can use a spectral hand spell to use this power from a distance.

When a big fight starts, necromanceer a Maximized Horrid Wilting see above.

Dread Necromancer – D&D e Handbook Compendium

This means that with patience you can use your Mohrg at home as a complex Deathknell effect that gives you powerful zombies. And any Good aligned character takes an actual negative level if they hold it in their hand. A dread necromancer who is not humanoid does not gain this necrommancer feature.

Binder – Shadowcaster – Truenamer. It’s obviously handy in ambushes, and it’s especially useful if you want to start casting Planar Binding remember, you don’t have Magic Circle spells, so anything you Bind must be killed and reanimated to be useful.

Dread Necromancer

In fact, as written it also seems to work even if you are for instance a Necropolitan when you hit level 20, since you’re still a humanoid. If you succeed and your Rebuking level is at least twice the Undead’s HD, you command it again, Turn Resistance is added to actual HD for this purpose.

Note that fiendish resilience will work on you even if you’re undead, so enjoy the increased heal rate, as well as the nice bit of DR you pick up to avoid getting punked down too easily.


Practical Dread Necromancer build Hi all, I’m new here but since the release necromqncer 4th edition, I’ve been visiting the wizards of the coast boards less and less.

You might want to add a list of nice Advanced Learning Spells.

Assuming of course, that you ever ran into one. With this weapon, you should win most initiative checks, do a metric butt-load of bludgeoning damage to foes no need to overcome DR when you’re rolling 7d6 or more damage per hitand you can hit incorporeal targets you need to hit. When a dread necromancer attains 20th level, she undergoes a hideous transformation and becomes a lich.

Cleric First Level This is where you have to make the big decisions in build priorities. Get a huge caster level the fun way. Losing HD is actually good, since you then can eventually animate and control more Hellwasp Swarms. Charisma — The stat that determines everything about your spellcasting, as well as your rebuking. If you completely bungle your Rebuking check, you can only affect a creature 4 hit dice less than your level.