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Great News for Dr. Aiko’s New Home and God’s Kingdom assignments for her · New Apartment Dr. Aiko Hormann Seminar in TOKYO finished successfully!. SOUL RESTORATION: Healing of Inner Wounds (Dr. Aiko Hormann) – Kindle edition by Dr. Aiko Hormann, Dr. Aiko Ministries. Download it once and read it on . Eventbrite – Global Institute For Wellness presents Dr. Aiko Hormann TRAINER SEMINAR – Friday, November 9, | Saturday, November

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Hormann explains that actually God has placed within our body three brains that control the body, mind and emotions and explains it in detail in her teaching on the 3 brains: The heart of man is influenced by both hogmann spirit and the soul.

I seemed to remain trapped in a prison of these lies, and would weep often because I felt the situation was impossible. Jesus said that what proceeds from our mouths is what defiles us.

So I don’t really know dr.auko sure how many prophetic words were spoken, but it was many.

The tape would play over and over again in my mind. When our mind and heart gets unclogged, then the river of the Holy Ghost is no longer dammed up. If we speak words of doubt, then there is doubt and unbelief inside us.

The source of our words is our thoughts and what’s in our heart. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks Matthew She talks about the power of thoughts literal power, yet unseen power. I first learned about Dr. She identifies the exact name of the part of the brain that stores memories, and prays that the file in the brain that stores the old memory would be healed and that the trauma and emotions attached to the memory would be disconnected from the file.

And the woman had to release any unforgiveness in order to unclog her soul. It entraps us into a prison of our own limited or wrong thinking. In addition to her medical expertise from her research, she has many years of experience in the area of deliverance and ministering healing to the soul mind, will and emotions.


It doesn’t mean a person necessarily forgets what happened, but that the emotional and psychological responses that are triggered from memories are no longer there. Anyways, for several years I couldn’t seem to get past some verbal abuse statements hkrmann to me in my youth which was opposite of what God kept on saying to me.

These are the things which defile a man: Thoughts are very powerful, but words are even MORE powerful. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. I sure am thankful that God is patient and gracious, and works with us.

Hormann says that sin, old memories, past hurts, negative emotions, etc clog the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and blessings are delayed. Making the decision normann yield to the Holy Spirit involves dying to the flesh, dr.aijo to selfishness.

She also talks about the parts of the brain that store memories. Often times we can’t seem to breakthrough and receive all of God’s blessings that He’s promised. Aiko Hormann is a Christian research scientist filled with the Holy Spirit who specializes in the functions of the brain.

An individual becomes in life what they continually think and say.

“Science is finally catching up with the bible”

If he can lead us into deception, then he has a certain amount of control over us. When someone hurts us, our initial reaction is to operate in the flesh and strike back in anger. Aiko Hormann says that when she prays for dr.aoko concerning the healing of memories and emotions, then she also includes in her prayer the physical aspect.

It was difficult forgetting the past and not continually dwelling on past and present problems. The words we speak are an outer manifestation of what is inside the heart. If a person dwells on positive thoughts, then they will feel more at peace and have a continual song of praise.


Aiko Hormann’s medical research and healing and deliverance ministry, her website is: Fourth, whenever her husband would show her affection, even non-sexual, she would jump out of her skin. Although verbal abuse was almost daily for many years and many cruel angry words were said to me, there were a few lies in particular that plagued me the most — day and night. When a trigger mechanism goes off like someone doing something to push your buttonsthen that old computer file in the brain comes up and you experience the emotions you originally experienced when the event originally took place.

The Apostle Paul, in Phil 4: If we speak words of love and kindness, then love reigns in our heart.

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I choose to believe what God says. He would speak through His Word, through rhema words in my spirit, and through several prophecies the same basic message spoken by many different people who don’t all know each other, spoken over the years at different times. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. Second, she battled with fear. I wrote down most of them, but forgot to record some of them. If a person thinks and believes that they will always live in poverty and never rise above a certain financial level, then chances are that they won’t.

If someone said or did a certain thing that ticked me off, a trigger mechanism would go off and unhealed traumatic memories would flood my mind and I would experience the emotions related to the event of a particular memory.