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Dotyk Julii. likes. Book. Czy oprócz Dotyku Julii macie jeszcze jakieś swoje ukochane serie? Ja do śmierci będę wierna Delirium <3 ~ Julia. Image may. Dotyk Julii Trylogia by Mafi Tahereh, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This book is clearly a romance, set in a vaguely dystopian i. Before we run for our lives, we have to kiss!! However, what would normally constitute odtyk yes, here we go again” material distinguishes itself clearly and immediately.

Nothing really happens there either, except her and Adam getting close to kissing and being interrupted by something many times. Again, the only reason the parents were painted as so callous, was to allow Juliette to run around and not have to explain where her parents were.

So I think it’s clear I didn’t like this book. A guy her age. The amount of fucks I give in regards to this book.

Dotyk Julii Trylogia : Mafi Tahereh :

View all 98 comments. It used to be time was spent creating the atmosphere–take a look at or The Handmaid’s Tale!

She was born in a small city somewhere in Connecticut and currently resides in Santa Monica, Juliii with her husband, fellow author Ransom Riggs.

The romance between these two was so obnoxious and cringy and just a;ljdkfja;lsdjf;lasdjfa. Then there was something wrong with her jaw. Unite me is the short Novellas for the Shatter Me series. Instead I got a very muddled story with strange metaphors that just confused me and hindered any kind of storyline from developing.


View all 12 comments. Not to mention she is the ONLY female character in the book. I’m wearing dead cotton on my limbs and a blush of roses on my iulii.

I’m not DNFing this because of the writing style, I’m DNFing this because of the writing styleI’m dropping this because the writing style was poorly executed. But Shatter Me had way way way too much of everything see what I did there?

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Juliette Ferrars has been away from her parents for 3 years and incarcerated for over days. Adam, the love interest, is a typical nice guy. The plot was literally your typical dystopian plot. I am supposed to believe even after years of imprisonment, constant starvation, having only one set of clothes to wear and barely allowed to take a shower, Juliette can still manage to look stunning and attractive. Oh God, the horror!

Some good points about the novellas I found Adams Fracture Me novella the most entertaining as it was faster paced and at the time of reading, i hadn’t read Ignite Meso all the information was new to me. Destroy me was absolutely amazing and I love Warner sosososososososo much.

Dotyk Julii : Mafi Tahereh :

I learn two things from reading this book: Lists with This Book. Who are these people, what are their goals, how and in what world did they manage to rise to power? Other books in the series. I didn’t know what was happening but I was disappointed by this book.


The number of friends who replied to my text to say that yes, Katherine, this passage is indeed dofyk. And yet it occurs in way too many young adult books.

This, unfortunately, is one of my few DNFs of the year. I had been controlling myself for so long, trying to keep moving forward but that was the limit. I read the reviews, saw the bloated quotes and everything. I could barely read this story.

Dotyk Julii

It’s set on a dying Earth but why and how it’s dying are incredibly vague. I wondered if your eye color meant you saw the world differently Adam explains v-e-r-y clearly that Warner is broken and evil and that he wants Juliette to voluntarily choose him. Kisses my bottom lip. It is both rare and dktyk.

It reads as unreal and not a little Mary-Sue-ish that this supremely beautiful child, Oh yes, she’s so beautiful, her physical beauty comes close to defining her, Warner makes several references to her, so does Adam, so do other boys, why julii she be just normal?

It just wasn’t for me. I hated I hated I hated the writing.