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has a tutorial for a basic one. We’ve been kicking around hydrone ideas for a while. There was talk of trying to work with a few. While doing my normal scan of citizen science projects out on the net, I came across a simplistic hydrophone for whale sounds. While I know. For a bigger DIY submarine project, we decided to use a DIY hydrophone instead of a classic microphone or the microphone integrated in a.

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Kate’s Words A word every Wednesday.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hydrophonf start with you need to solder the piezo to the cable.

To make the box of the hydrophone, we had to find the perfect one. It is spring time in Estonia so the local lakes provide a good source of sounds.

Hydrophone Sound Recordings

List of hydrophone manufacturers with links. You are commenting using your WordPress. View all posts by tristanlouthrobins. Sounds of motor boats in the Daugava river: Email required Address never made public. The concept of sound is vibration, so a piezo seemed to be a perfect option.

Ideas of sound and its signification are key elements in Louth-Robins’ work, traversing the space between the visual and aural his sound art is realised through the mediums of recordings, installation and performance. We repeated the same process just like for the first prototype. I haven’t tried htdrophone one. One of them was this AMD candy box and it was the perfect size for our piezo, so we decided to make another hydrophone.


Hydrophone DIY

Telephone condenser microphone, with built in pre-amp, covered in rubber to keep water out. About 20m from the shore. Allow the epoxy to harden 4 Use a generous amount of epoxy to cover the nydrophone surface of the larger plastic foot. Then, we filled the box with vegetabel oil and sealed it with the glue gun.

It shouldn’t work that well but it gives good results.

Tried adding cotton wool as a baffle but still get resonance. Our choice stopped on a Tarama Box. Your email address will not be published.

I got diyy Tascam DR to line-in my contact mics, but I get too much buzzing interference. You are commenting using your Facebook account. We went to the Paris Games Week and collected some goodies. Since Louth-Robins has performed and exhibited work in Australia and internationally as a solo hydrophome, whilst occasionally collaborating with visual artists, musicians and performers. Video that documents some of my latest recording activities using installed wires, strings and resonant objects.

Time limit is exhausted.

To htdrophone out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Security alarm sounder, electronics removed and plastic apertures opened – very sensitive but resonances due to large volume of air inside. This site uses cookies.


Hydrophones are microphones used for the purpose of recording sound in water and often consist of a transducer housed in a water resistant membrane or ceramic enclosure hyerophone facilitates the capture of vibratory phenomena.

Besides, for this simple design, maybe 2 surfaces is better than one. The lid of the film canister needs ciy have a hole punched in it to allow the audio cable to pass through. Sample sounds and descriptions of common dolphinsSnapping Shrimphumpback whale etc. I put things together in this order to insure a solid construction. This is a simpler design to Bob as it consists of just an enclosure, piezo, cable, RCA plug and a few less sticks of hot glue. Cetacean Research Hydrophones available in Europe from Nauta.

The copper part had to be soldered on the ground pin and the ceramic on the microphone branch of the jack. Epoxy is great but its toxic so be sure to work in a well ventilated space. The first question most people will have is, why am I trying to make a stereo contact mic?