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Diamond W product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Find great deals for Diamond W 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Diamond Antenna W Wire Dipole Antennas arrive with the really hard work already done for you! All of the wire lugs and connectors are in place and the.

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You cannot measure the inductance of the traps because the capacitance built into the construction will cause measurement errors – you can only measure the trap resonance frequency and you know what they will set up for be anyway. Evening morning Doug, Great w8100 read the information on your site about the modified dipole. Andrey You cannot measure the inductance of the traps because the capacitance built into the construction will cause measurement errors – diamodn can only measure the trap resonance frequency and you know what they will set up for be anyway.

The terminals of the coils should also be water protected. Diamond’s power rating of 1.

Gave this antenna a 5 because it works diamojd well for me at a low height of 15 feet I have changed it slightly by separating it into two dipoles by adding another balun and coax feed as I found 10m to be a little deaf but by liberating the 10m and 20m dipole away from the other its way better anyone who has one should try this it makes a big difference and is simple to tune this way all stations I work are surprised by its performance especially on 80m as its so short its crazy!!!


Very short of space, the 3. Final result SWR 3.

The bandwiths associated with a short loaded dipole with coil are pretty sharp but usable. Bought this aerial secondhand but unopened.

Diamond W HF dipole for 80m/40m/20m/15m10m – Nevada Radio

You probably need to place an insulating sleeve over the thread inside the former to ensure electrical isolation. It is manufactured to a very high standard.

Andrey, callsign deleted Russia, Belgorod. Could I add another wire leg or legs to each side to add these bands? This particular antenna fits pretty well on my small lot with an overall lenght of just over 63′. As you can see from the SWR curve at left, the bandwidths reduce as frequency goes down – that is normal – but paying attention to the numerical figures diqmond that the 1: Once I used a w clone during the JOTA and it was producing sparks of over 10 cm at the end of the 20 metre legs, great for the scouts!

As I said, it is in my one-story attic, so it isn’t a DX hunter, but I’m on the air. Contact the site with comments or questions. Reviews Summary for Diamond W Trap dipole for WARC bands. Set the generator to maximum RF out and the voltmeter to max sensitivity on a Volts range, tune the generator frequency until you see the voltage rise, locate the peak reducing sig gen ww8010 as necessary and the diiamond frequency is the nominal trap resonant frequency.

Only the ends are a little sensitive the height and moisture. The top 15m, 40m and 80m wire is mounted along the ridgeline of my attic, and i had to bend the ends of the diamobd wire 90 degrees to fit.

One thing I will mention about the traps used in this design: To cross-check on the impedance and SWR details, you need to look at the following extract from their sheet: Always looking for better antennas for my space; didn’t find any yet.


Diamond W-8010

If you build one of these add-ons, let me know how you got on I recommend NOT making irreversible physical cuts to these stubs: On 14MHz, the KHz 1. Previously I had used a “ray dipole” that covered all bands down to 40 metres i.

Let’s ignore that for now. So far, things are looking good but a faulty balun out of the box should nevertheless not happen imho. Here’s another hint for success: The wire lengths for the elements are as follows – but note that if your traps are significantly different to dimaond, some length variations will occur on 18 and 10 MHz: The published specifications are as follows: This is the basic layout of the W, 3 traps on either side of a balun supplied. Was already resonant on 15 80 meters has about 50 kc of spread which isn’t bad as this antenna is quite short.

I don’t really plan to operate much on these WARC bands 12 metres, 17 metres and 30 metres but that old proverbial Murphy has it that if I don’t prepare for it then sometime real soon, I will need to – and then it will dimond in a hurry. The vendor replaced it with a new one in a jiffy, so good service.

Ideally stainless steel hardware should be used but good nickel plated should last a while anyway. This is an update to my earlier review, in wich I described the dissatisfaction with the Diamond WD