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Print from a computer using the Embedded Web Server or HP Utility (T series). free Web service makes it easy to access and print large-format documents . It is possible to assign a manual IPv6 address to the printer, using the front. This Service Manual contains information necessary to test, calibrate, maintain and service the following: HP Designjet T 24inch; HP Designjet T 44inch;. HP DesignJet T and T Printer Series. Using your The only warranties for HP products and services are set .. Web Services manual configuration.

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Scan Axis Motor SV. Changing a Printhead To change a Printhead there are two methods, the first is shown below by using the printhead tab, the second method is to access the main menu option refer to the User’s Guide for further details. The one at the start of the CIS is a bit smaller than the one at the end, it makes a black point, unlike the end which makes a Black and a White point. CH Upper Left Support without.

Remove the Spindle on page Page Service station In the Diagnostics menu, scroll to Service Station and press on this menu option. Once you have completed the Rewinder diagnostic test, you must perform a Paper Advance Calibration. The product resets the calibration parameters and checks that the default values have been correctly saved inside the NVM memory. Position the new correctly on its hanger. Page Press OK to continue. When the following message appears on the Touch Control Panel, you must select whether you would like to continue with the calibration by pressing the OK key.


The Control Panel prompts you to feed the original.

Be sure to remove the black end first. Press OK to continue. Press OK to finish the calibration. Page 73 System Error: Before using this chapter to remove and install a new component, always make serrvice that you have performed the relevant service test from Chapter 4.

Carefully lift the left Print Zone Overdrive out of the product. The Control Panel will then display a percentage with the progress of the calibration. The Touch Control Panel prompts you to insert all the ink cartridges.

Therefore, you are recommended to proceed in the following order. desugnjet

Carriage Rail Oiler on page Unscrew all nine cable ties from the upper cable branch. This gives you access to the printheads. Carefully pull the bottom of the Front Cover forwards until you can release it from its attachments. Secure Disk Wipe provides three different levels of security: Remove two T-8 screws that secure the Right Starwheel Lifter to the product.

Wait until the scanner validation test has completed. Pull out the Lower Right Roll Support from the printer and remove the grounding cable. Hold the roll cover with one hand while unscrewing the other bi-stable spring from the product. Remove the Slider Support. The product reboots into the Disk Wipe mode, and continues with the disk erase until it is completed.

How designjt troubleshoot SE Disconnect and remove the following cables indicated from the Primer of the Service Station.

See Customer Self Repair parts. Be careful with the paper sensor cable. Once the paper is loaded into the product, the following message will appear on the Touch Control Panel.


HP DesignJet T1300 44-in Printer User Guides

To adjust the bumper insert an allen key 10 into the screw as shown. While pushing the plastic part of the slider center support against the roller Atighten loose screws B. Follow the next steps to calculate the Y-Axis adjustment scale: Sservice Cable from Main. Loosen the T uncapping screw sufficiently so you can manually move the Carriage Assembly in the next step. Belt Assembly Removal Switch off the product and remove the power cable.

Wait until you see the following message. Remove the Upper Right Roll Support.

DESIGNJET T/T ePrinter series & T eMFP series Service manual

Assembly on page All. Use a short screw driver as this will allow the best access. Encoder disk assembly Remove the paper that protects the glue of a new encoder. HP T Using Manual pages. Left Cover on page If you have an error code which is not documented in this Service Manual or you have an error which you cannot resolve, then report the error to the HP Response Center or the nearest HP Support Office.

Pull the Power and Data Harness under the arc right. Remove as much of the metallic particles from the roller as you can.