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Dersu Uzala [Vladimir Arseniev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Vladimir Klavdievich Arseniev () undertook twelve major scientific .. The character of Dersu Uzala is a composite, according to the introduction, yet. IN THE STEPS OF ARSENIEV: KUROSAWA’S DERSU UZALA AND ITS Russian explorer of Siberia, Vladimir Arseniev, entitled В дебрях Уссурийского.

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Geophoto In these forests, Arsenyev and Uzala traveled by vladimie and foot. Then a young army officer on his way to Vladivostok, Arsenyev reached Blagoveshchensk in July at the peak of the Boxer Rebellion that sought to expel foreigners from China.

Arxeniev have waited to read the book before renting the movie, but I plan to remedy this and get it into my player soon. I am sorry to sound so cliche, but Dersu is truly one with nature, plants, animals, rocks, to the point of what some would call animism.

Dersu the Trapper

The recent bestseller Tiger, by John Valliant, also a lovely book clearly takes its inspiration from Arseniev. Her befriends Arseniev in the first expedition, Surreptitiously comes across him in the second, and then finally plan to meet for a third. The third book of Arsenyev’s trilogy, In the Sikhote-Alin mountains arsenieg, was published posthumously in Arseniev considered himself great friends with his Goldi guide Dersu.

International travelers usually cross the Amur River for the day to explore one of the cities and compare the contrast between the older architecture of the Russian city and the modern Versu skyscrapers. Arseniev describes three explorations in the Ussurian taiga along the Sea of Japan above Vladivostok, beginning with his first encounter of the solitary aboriginal hunter named Dersu, a member of the Gold tribe, who thereafter becomes his guide. Jan 03, Mark Isaak vladomir it really liked it.


Dersu Uzala (book) – Wikipedia

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I can’t wait to watch the Akira Kurosawa movie again. What an amazing tale about an amazing man and amazing part of this planet.

Books by Vladimir Arsenyev. Men [who] never see Amba Dec 08, Adrian rated it it was amazing. Present days in the Nanai village for tourists. Oct 02, Merrikay rated it it was amazing. Hushour rated it it was amazing. Which brings me to 3 – the real star of the novel, Dersu Uzala, a simple man with basic needs and ancient wisdom inherited from his native ancestors. An account of uzzla expeditions sounds like dry reading but this definitely was not the case with this book.

Apr 19, Molly rated it it was amazing. From what source does such human sensitivity arise?

Originally published inthis English translation is reprinted in its entirety now for the first time. It was interesting to read about the landscape of that part of the world in a time when Russian, Chinese, and Korean settlers were interacting with I received this book in my book group’s paperback swap and found it to be surprisingly readable, given my general preference for fiction, women writers, and more contemporary titles.


There’s a wonderful page up by Vladimid Garcia, titled “Watching Dersu Uzala,” which describes This is an extraordinary book. Aug 26, Brent rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoyed my time on the tiaga with the Captain and Dersu.

The narrative is a factual account of Arseniev’s three surveying trips in the coastal area north of Vladivostok–but deersu story is so much larger. Dersu is a master at tracking animals, reading the weather and surviving in the the harshest of conditions. Arseniev is remarkably open to discussing the value of Dersu’s areeniev beliefs and animism, and he really puts the guy on a pedestal. The three journeys he takes occur in the early ‘s and include his exploits with a Taiga dweller known as Dersu.

He is an exceptional marksman with a rifle but his real talent is to read the language of trees and the tracks of the animals, the patterns of the clouds and the winds.

It was interesting to read about the landscape of that part of the world in a time when Russian, Chinese, and Korean settlers were interacting with nomadic people there. Refresh and try again.