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ANATE is a psychological technique. Imagine holding your wallet in full view and asking a spectator to name a card. The card is then instantly pulled from your. Anate Extended represents a milestone in the development of this technique. Since the original release, this has become an incredibly popular tool, much more. Also if the force does not hit Dee gives a few different outs, one is amazingly bold that will work and the other is a very clever piece that has its.

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Mandrakebananafish, Lady of Mystery, supportnickj. Return to Reviews – Electronic media format. Imagine placing one card on the table, face down. The spectator decides on a card, they turn over the card to reveal a perfect match. Imagine holding your anage in full view and asking a spectator to name a card. The card is then instantly pulled from your wallet.

Imagine something that you can carry with you always, to create impossible, unbelievable prop-free demonstrations with boundaries as limitless as your imagination. There is no indexing, chtistopher gimmicks, no stacks, no nothing. All you need is a single playing card, or a maximum of four cards in your wallet, or maybe a post-it note to write a prediction.

The reviews speak for themselves. As mentioned before, this is a psychological technique. With the correct study and performance naate will blow people’s minds, it’s not for everyone Is it for you?

I have to be honest I almost did not do this review as I like the effect so much. I dont want to many people performing this effect, but I thought id share my thoughts, on it. Also dont usually review anything that i have not tried in the real world. So here we go. When I first looked into this I was not to sure what to expect, then once I had read the PDF and chuckled to myself thought great, loved it right away, its so devious and could not wait to try it out.


Its so sneaky which it makes it even more fun to perform. I’ll be honest that im a pretty bold performer and I just love this sort thing. I have found that with a bit of practice this will work almost every time. It just takes a bit of confidence and audience management, there are plenty of outs you can use when you miss so that the spectators will be not even know.

I have had some of the biggest reactions ever with this and it feels like real magic when it hits you cant help but smile everytime a bonus is its a real magician fooler aswell there are many workers I have spoken to that all use this, and iI now use this all the time cristopher well.

There are a few performance ideas in the PDF and also some ideas for the outs ddee you christopyer. Its well produced and easy to read.

Once you know the method you can start trying this out as soon as you have finished reading it. I would say that a few people will probably change the revelation in some way as I have done to fit my own performance.

All in all i love this and dont think anyone should be put off by the fact its not surefire. Like I say no one knows when you miss so there is no chance of getting christopheg, but you will have to try it to see the reactions this gets.

Def more you perform ANATE the more you will get used to how it works and you will amaze yourself how well this plays. Dee’s a nice guy This is a real winner. Ver cool effect and highly recomended. I have used this for some time now.

Confidence is the key to pulling this off.

ANATE by Dee Christopher : Reviews – Electronic media format

It’s a great effect if you only have one single playing card on you. I think before I start to use it I need to make sure I have sufficient “outs” just in case. I can imagine it being a lovely little thing to perform though, and I look forward to when I do!!!!


Just joined the forums and lo and behold look what Christophe find! I’m really glad you guys that have picked up the PDF like it, it’s something that I love to bust out when the time is right! Mastercycle, the force isn’t limited to cards, antae the Christopyer I briefly cover using the force to simple force a number, an object and once you know the concept, you can cgristopher applying it elsewhere too!

I must stress that this will only work in English as far as I know, I’ve yet to find another language that it does work in, so unless you perform in English, it won’t be for you! For those that do perform in English and do even a bit of mentalism or mental magic, this could be the perfect tool for your impromptu arsenal! All the best, DC.

dhristopher First time I did it the reaction was “I was determined to name a six but then for some reason I changed my mind at the last moment – and named the card on the table”. ANATE was interesting to say the least. I do think it’s a little pricey for what you get.

However, if it’s something you use regularly, the investment would be well worth it.

ANATE: Dee Christopher

For me, I don’t think it suits my style. I’ve posted my full review Note from Chriztopher As per the message below, please post reviews here in full – links to elsewhere aren’t really appreciated Caleb. Please can you post the review in full here? It’s sort of a rule Board index All times are UTC.