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Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler was a German historian and philosopher of history whose interests included mathematics, science, and art. He is best known . Oswald Spengler. DECLINUL OCCIDENTULUI. Schiţă de morfologie a istoriei rima parte! O#$% &I #E’LIT’TE refaţa trad(cător(l(i france) refaţa. Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului/The Decline of the West. Report. Post on Jun Views. Category.

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BlankenburgDuchy of BrunswickGerman Empire.

Oswald Spengler

He made occasional trips to the Harz mountainsand to Italy. I feel urged to name once more those to whom I owe practically everything: Thomas Mann compared reading Spengler’s book to reading Schopenhauer for the first time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Declinul Occidentului Oswald Spengler Oswald Spenglers-a nscut n Blankenburg, ntr-o familie conservatoare, mic burghez.

Inhe published Spenbler and Technicswhich warned against the dangers of technology and industrialism to culture. In Decemberoswal set to write the secondary dissertation Staatsexamensarbeit necessary to qualify as a high school teacher.

She was the least talented member of the Grantzow family. Oswald spengler pdf download – nbsp; oswald spengler propast zapada pdf Mit Oswald Spengler Berlin: Potrivit lui Spengler, conceptul de istorie universal ar constitui o exagerare, rezultatul organizrii nemsurate a istoricilor occidentali. Alfred Rosenberg Oswald Spengler Documents. He eventually received his Ph. MunichBavariaNazi Germany. Spengler a identificat opt culturi care au propiul stil sau suflet, cultura: A doua remarc ar fi ca deschidere spre era postmodern, n care are loc identitatea text cultural i n care limbajele diverselor culturi ale lumii sunt folosite ca mijloace ludice de producere a textelor i, n consecin, a existenei nsi.

This ve was last edited on 14 Decemberat Ich beneide jeden, der lebt [ I envy anyone who lives ] in German. Deutsche Akademie,p. Cultivated European discourse quickly became Spengler-saturated.


However, Spengler did become a sowald of the German Academy in the course of the year. It comforted Germans because it seemingly rationalized their downfall as part of larger world-historical processes. El consider c istoria este povestea unor oameni i mase care prin definiia umanitii lor nu pot fi raionali.

While racial mysticism played a key role in his own worldview, Spengler had always been an outspoken critic of the pseudo-scientific racial theories professed by the Nazis and many others in his time, and was not inclined to change his views upon Hitler’s rise to power. From to he worked at a grammar school Realgymnasium in Hamburgwhere he taught science, German history, and mathematics.

In Spengler suffered a nervous breakdown. Thereafter I saw the present—the approaching World-War—in a quite other light. Spengler este un autor cu tendine anti-raionaliste puternice. Oswald Spengler – Declinul Occidentului Documents. Ludwig Wittgensteinhowever, shared Spengler’s cultural pessimism.

Spengler’s criticisms of liberalism [17] were welcomed by the Nazis, but Spengler disagreed with their biological ideology and anti-Semitism. He began work on the first volume of Decline of the West intending at first to focus on Germany within Europe, but the Agadir Crisis of affected him deeply, and he widened the scope of his study:. Inhe failed his doctoral thesis on Heraclitus titled Der metaphysische Grundgedanke der Heraklitischen PhilosophieThe Metaphysical Fundamental Thought in Heraclitean Philosophyand conducted under the direction of Alois Riehl because of insufficient references, which effectively ended his chances of an academic career.

Infollowing his mother’s death, he moved to Munichwhere he would live until his death in The book met with wide success outside of Germany as well, and by had been translated into several other languages.

Due to a congenital heart problem, Spengler was not called up for military service. After his father’s death in Spengler attended several universities MunichBerlinand Halle as ocicdentului private scholar, taking courses in a wide range of subjects. Artele, ca manifestri culturale, reprezint semnificaiile majore i trsturile definitorii occidentylui acestui stil.


Here he received a classical education at the local Gymnasium academically oriented secondary schoolstudying Greek, Latin, mathematics and sciences. Leben und Werk – Homepage von Joachim?

Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului/The Decline of the West – [PDF Document]

Declinul Occidentului Der Untergang des Abendlandes este fr ndoial magnum opus autorului. El a respins ideea c o cultur n curs de dezvoltare ar mprumuta sau integra sisteme sau valori din trecut, cel puin nu n sensul n care funcionau anterior. Retrieved from ” https: Fr ndoiala Oswald Spengler este unul dintre cei mai mari i mai profunzi gnditori conservatori ai secolului XX.

In the second volume, published inSpengler argued that German socialism differed from Marxismand was in fact compatible with traditional German conservatism. Although himself a German nationalist, Spengler viewed the Nazis as too narrowly German, and not occidental enough to lead the fight against other peoples.

A fost filosof i ooccidentului german, autor de lucrri tiinifice i eseuri n matematic, tiinele naturii i arte plastice. Istoria unei culturi se constituie din realizarea progresiv a posibilitilor latente n timp ce desvrirea acestor posibiliti echivaleaz cu civilizaia. Stuart 1 January Historians took umbrage at his unapologetically non-scientific approach.

Spengler’s model of history postulates that any culture is a superorganism with a limited and predictable lifespan. Decadncia e Histria em Oswald Spengler -?