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Debugging Rules! This site contains resources to help you debug stuff — mostly software and electronic Dave Agans’ long-awaited novel is now available!. Buy Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems by David J Agans (ISBN: ). David said: As I’ve said about other software engineering books (and my The nine debugging rules that Agans lays out are applicable to any problem that you .

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But describing how to debug a problem as a set of meta-rules is a hard problem and they do a pretty good job here. There’s also a chapter providing an alternative “view from the help desk” which I’ve found very useful. The author goes through each rule step-by-step and present “war stories” to demonstrate the rules in action. I wish abans I could make this book required reading debugginv everyone I deal with.

Victor Grigoriu rated it it was amazing Jun 13, I was quite pleasantly surprised the author managed to reduce the skill to nine short rules particularly when it sometimes can be a process that is difficult to explain. Apr 07, Tanvi devugging it really liked it.

That’s actually the opposite of what inexperienced engineers need to learn about debugging.

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Sgans also very well-written and often funny. I wish that I could make this book required reading This book is probably the most useful book I could recommend for anyone in the IT industry. Interesting to read a methodology around debugging. In my favorite war story, an intermittent video-processing bug was eventually traced to the plaid flannel shirt the author happened to be wearing on the days the bug occurred.


For davvid my only recommendation to someone interested in the heuristics of problem solving was George Polya’s “How To Solve It”, but now I can cheerfully add Agan’s “Debugging”.

It changes the way readers think about debugging, making those pesky problems suddenly much easier to find and fix. A very interesting and funny read. Sep 08, Andreea Lucau rated it it was ok.

Debugging Rules! – Find out what’s wrong with anything, fast.

Dave Agans Goodreads Author. Jul 09, Muhammet rated it it was amazing. Dec 27, Liam rated it it was amazing. Mar 21, Bruce rated it it was amazing Favid I had some issues following all the explanation there. Agans provides nine simple rules to follow, and some amusing stories to back them up. No better book that breaks down the concept.

Pretty decent, has some interesting examples; but also much like, say, Code Complete common sense. It’s brilliantly laid out for someone new to the discipline, but even if you’re experienced it’s well worth a read for the clarity of the 9 elegant principles the author identifies, and for the many memorable “war stories” he describes from his own engineering career to illustrate them.


I second that recommendation. Jul 16, David Robins rated it really liked it. Common sense backed with a ton of experience. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Very light and lots and lots of war stories but aimed to be amusing and was at least somewhat amusing and fairly short. As a result, the best way to view this book is a collection davod things to think about when debugging, rather than a rigorous methodology or procedure.

Certainly a valuable addition to any debugger’s bookcase. Understand the system 2. Ann rated it it was ok Aug 19, I really enjoyed this book. Aug 24, Bart rated it it was amazing. Note that the book is not technical. Get a fresh view 9. A must read for every software engineer: His nine common sense rules for successful computer program code and hardware troubleshooting and debugging are applicable to all fields of technical endeavor.