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Days of War, Nights of Love has ratings and reviews. Burkey said: i Published January 1st by Crimethinc (first published January 1st ). And it is not a Move- ment” either: for such and as such to its decline. As crimethink exists the currents outside the chain. CrimethInc. is the that win take us . Days of War, Nights of Love was clandestinely published by CrimethInc., an (in) famous anarchist group. It was written as some sort of manifesto.

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Mar 22, Whitney rated it really crrimethinc it Recommends it for: Another good one is taking a receipt for a CD out of a trash can outside of a record store, going in, finding that CD and “returning it” for money. Believe the hype, and crimethunc out why this is already an underground bestseller. It thought it was cute. Log in for more features Click here to register now. I’m not suggesting we move to a crimethunc in the Montana wilderness and send pipebombs to people in the mail To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You are commenting using your WordPress.

The other books the collective put out are pretty painful, both in terms of editing and political content. The writing is both poetic and inspiring, not only criticizing the world we live in today but also provides a broad vision of a more just and liberating world.

Feb 14, Sam added it.

dxys Click here for the guide. And that is a place I want to live. I have always been a closet anarchist of some sort, perhaps a consequence of my bourgeois education and youthful narcissism. When you make it to the end, the personal testimonials about not working and the closing art pieces become an aria of voices urging you to close the book and live.


What more can we ask from a book? Nov 08, J rated it did not like it Recommends it for: There are images and mini-stories between the chapters.

Days of War Nights of Love

I feel as though my life has b A manifesto for the disaffected that is brilliant and affecting. I was like yes! A communist critique of some aspects of early Crimerhinc. This book is crazy, extreme, idealist and off the wall.

It is smart, and maybe too easy and too harsh, yes, maybe a little narrow, but it is raging and it exults in wqr inevitability of hypocri Say what you will about this book but some years ago, after I finished it at 3 AM, it made me bicycle for 7 hours, crimethnic into the high-end suburbs of Atlanta, to the “order more copies” address on the back where I was invited in to have an xrimethinc conversation with the crikethinc author’s mother: You have to keep in mind that this is motivational writing, and if you’re the target audience, it’s just about the best motivational writing you’ll ever see.

I think that’s where a lot of the hate for this book comes from. Much has been said and dismissed of Days of War, Nights of Love since it was released ten years ago, so I’ll mostly stick with the positive stuff that can easily be gleaned from this book if one reads it with an open mind. But at the same time, I hope the kids go out and find the full-length texts that much of this book came from. I Dreamt about the Workshops of the Future. Veterans of the wwr can still find interesting little tit bits here and there, throughout the book, and the section on ‘Work’ which features testimonials from various Crimethinc people, is especially good.

And everyone has grown out of it by now like I knew they would. Capital – Karl Marx. This book claims that: Close to pages with new-school cut-and-paste layout. Take the crinethinc in it as far as you This book, will ruin your life.


Notify me of new comments via email. The books vehement insistence that living is more important than art carries the argument beyond the typical debate.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The problem is that there are some people who are losing at the game who have been convinced by those who are winning that this is the best game to be playing.

Thoughts on Days of War, Nights of Love – Signals

Plus, any book that encourages people to take control of their own lives and find a way to really ‘live’ instead of just existing, is always going to get an extra star from me. Lists with This Book. Whether or not you buy it probably depends on what you thought of the last Refused LP—revolutionary cannibals or well-dressed poseurs? To ask other readers questions about Days of War, Nights of Loveplease sign up.

Table of Contents

Sep 30, Ben rated it liked it Shelves: We have so much invested in the game we’re already playing and have been so conditioned to think of it as the best option that any suggestion of the contrary rattles our sense of self. When you can break free of the hamster wheel and be a person again; be a human being. Incredibly thought provoking, despite not agreeing with parts of it.

At heavily illustrated pages, our flagship book is says perfect size rcimethinc any knapsack and the perfect reference manual for anyone seeking a life of passion and revolt. You can download the pdf for free, here.

Don’t just take what it says as gospel.