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Download Marshall-Rosenberg – Comunicarea (Marshall Rosenberg) CELEBRATING MARSHALL. Nonviolent Communication is an approach to nonviolent living developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the s. It is based on the idea that all human.

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As offifteen master’s theses and doctoral dissertations are known to have tested the model on sample sizes of or smaller and generally have found the model to be effective. They begin to see that it’s more than a communication process and realize it’s really an attempt to manifest a certain spirituality.

Finally, she includes the following caveat: Nonfiolenta is ostensibly taught as a process of interpersonal communication designed to improve compassionate connection to others.

Nonviolent Communication – Wikipedia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. NVC is remarkable for its roots. None of the studies she included were randomized and only three used validated instruments. Eat by Choice, Not by Habit: Connor and Wentworth [38] examined the impact of 6-months of NVC training and coaching on 23 executives in a Fortune corporation.

The model had evolved to its present form observations, feelings, needs and requests by The influential interest-based model for conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation developed comunocare FisherUryand Patton at the Harvard Negotiation Project and at the Program on Negotiation in the s appears to have some conceptual overlap with NVC, although neither model references the other. The difficulty of using NVC as well as the dangers of misuse are common concerns.


NVC has reportedly been an element of a bundle of interventions that produced dramatic changes in forensic psychiatric nursing settings in which a high level of violence is the norm. The interventions were said to reduce key violence indicators by 90 percent over a three-year period in a medium security unit, [39] and by around 50 percent in a single year in a maximum security unit.

Marshall-Rosenberg – Comunicarea nonviolenta.pdf

Also according to Little’s thesis, Rosenberg’s work with Carl Rogers on research to investigate the necessary and sufficient conditions of a therapeutic relationship was central to the development of NVC. Retrieved 21 April Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness Training in Prison”. Ellen Gorsevski, assessing Rosenberg’s book, Nonviolent Communication: Nonviolent Communication abbreviated NVCalso called Compassionate Communication or Collaborative Communication is an approach to nonviolent living developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the s.

Juncadella notes several shortcomings of her review. Carme Juncadella produced a systematic review of research as of related to the impact of NVC on the development of empathy.

Nonviolent Communication

The training was found to increase equanimity, decrease anger, and lead to abilities to take responsibility for one’s feelings, express empathy, and to make requests without imposing demands. SAGE Open 4: The authors present theories of human needs and the basis for a common core of needs.

Violent communication was represented by the carnivorous Jackal as a symbol of aggression and especially dominance. Without this theoretical understanding, it would not be clear what aspects of the NVC model rosnberg it work or even if it can be effectively applied by anyone other than Marshall Rosenberg.


However, due to its far-reaching impact it has also been interpreted as a spiritual practice, a set of values, a parenting technique, a method of social change, a mediation tool, an educational orientation, and a worldview.

They clearly distinguish core human needs from interests strategies and how focusing on needs is a paradigm shift in the field of conflict resolution. Chapman Flack sees an overlap between what Rosenberg advocates and critical thinkingespecially Bertrand Russell ‘s formulation uniting kindness and clear thinking. The strong sense offers a language to examine one’s thinking and actions, support understanding, bring one’s best to the community, and honor one’s emotions.

Words That Work In Business: Retrieved October 19, Rather, conflict arises when strategies for meeting needs clash.

Retrieved 1 May Allan Rohlfs, who first met Rosenberg in and was a rossenberg of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, in explained a paucity of academic literature as follows:. Retrieved 16 October Relationship Based Teaching and Learning. Kuyer’s Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning.