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72 issued by the Chilean Association of Accountants and Circular No. 1, issued by SVS, recognizing income on an accrual basis. 1, issued by the SVS, recognizing income on an accrual basis. Computer software has been valued as established in Circular No. for adjusting the acquisition CompaniesL shareholdersL equity at fair value, in accordance with Circular No of the SVS and Technical.

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Information on the Company. We also believe that our human resources are a crucial element in reaching our long-term goals. Thus, we expect to expand our business and customer base by developing tailored service models, optimizing our branch network, enhancing our presence in the small and medium-size company market and reinforcing certain lending products that should enable us to consolidate.

Federal Reserve has begun to taper its quantitative easing programs undertaken after the subprime crisis. Proceeds from subordinated bonds were intended to finance long-term assets while bolstering our Tier 2 capital ratio. The exchange rate of accounting representation is determined on a daily basis circulzr our Treasury based on the average of the daily closing bid and offer rates reported by Bloomberg, for the Santiago Stock Exchange.

For this reason, during we focused on improving benefits to our 1. The main circulr of this program is to motivate people to change their consumption behavior, when necessary. In addition, as the final contents and extent of the law remain unknown, we cannot assure you that this law will not substantially affect the banking industry.

Estimates and assumptions are based on historical experience, expert judgment and other factors, including expectations of future developments under certain alternative scenarios. Duringwe offered the following debit cards: On the other hand, although the potential impact of Ssvs on our results of operations is unclear, its ultimate impact will depend on how the final terms of Brexit will affect economic conditions in the United Kingdom and sbs European Union, which could translate into reduced growth and higher volatility in global capital markets.

Originally, we funded our residential mortgage loans through the issuance of mortgage finance circulae, which are recourse obligations only to us with payment terms that are matched to the residential loans.

Lastly, we continue to focus on internet-based and mobile banking to experience the benefits of a multi-channel approach. Individual and SME Division. Infinite, Signature, Platinum, Standard and debit cards for companies. According to the SBIF, as.

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As a result, net interest margins once deducted provisions for loan losses in these sub-segments are likely to decline over time. In this regard, we offer current accounts, time deposits and savings accounts to our individual customers. Merger with Citibank Chile. Our commitment to disabled people is permanent. The results of our operations are affected by interest rate volatility and inflation.

Net income from continued operations, net of taxes.

Public Works Department, Govt of NCT of Delhi

As result of this merger and integration process, we entered into the following agreements with Citigroup Inc. SAOS does not have any other material debt, as it is a special purpose legal entity created by Law No.

Over the last decade, we have also promoted the expansion of Mutuos Hipotecariosa mortgage lending product, which is not financed by mortgage finance bonds, but instead through our general funds. Amid this environment, we focused on growing profitably by concentrating on those segments with a more balanced risk-return relationship.

Our retail banking segment serves 16997 financial needs of individuals and small and medium sized companies through our branch network. Based on this relationship, we are able to provide our local customers with world-class financial services and participate with them in their international ventures. This approach has allowed us to minimize the loss rates, as the value obtained from auctions if foreclosure applies generally exceeds the value assigned to the asset as guarantee.

In all of these areas, but especially in cross-selling, the synergies that arise from the Global Connectivity Agreement with Citigroup have been i mportant when assisting our corporate customers with off shore transactions and advisory work. Circulae of the aforementioned investments have been or will be made in Chile. From an operational point of view, we took several steps to improve efficiency.

Nevertheless, we cannot assure you that we will not face reputational events in the future that could harm our prospects or the value of our franchise. Future changes in accounting standards could impact our results.

Our core business is commercial banking in Chile, providing traditional banking products and specialized financial services to our diversified customer base of individuals and companies. Allowances for loan losses as a percentage of total loans. Authorized transactions by other banks are generally carried out at the spot rate.


Despite these developments, the proposed amendments to the General Banking Act have not yet been sent to the Chilean congress for discussion and analysis and, therefore, there is no certainty as to when these changes could go into effect. During the prior fiscal year, our past-due loans 90 days or more portfolio was composed of Also, our total balances of current accounts and 169 deposits represented IFI played an important role in structuring international transactions aimed at diversifying our funding.

Jurisdiction of incorporation or organization.

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Our funding structure provides us with a cost advantage over many of our competitors which use a higher proportion of interest bearing liabilitiesas current accounts and demand deposits are non-interest bearing in Chile. As result of the merger and ciircular process, we entered into ss agreements with Citigroup Inc. The high level of satisfaction, together with improvement in terms of problem solving, allowed the division to sustain business growth by recording an annual increase of 2. The global economy circklar to be finally exiting a long period of turbulence and volatility, which began in with the subprime mortgage crisis, when many U.

We depend on a variety of internet-based data processing, communication, and information exchange platforms and networks. Business Center will also become our CRM system in the future. Unlike in other countries, in addition to the specific legal rights afforded by the mortgage loan including foreclosure rightsthe Bank may collect the pending balance of the mortgage loan over other assets of the mortgage debtor based on certain legal liens provided by law derecho de prenda general.

In this regard, we recognize that our recent expansion in the retail banking segment may expose us to higher levels of charge-offs and may require us to establish higher levels of allowances for loan losses in the future. Accordingly, we aim circullar become a productive and circjlar organization in all business aspects by developing simple, effective, secure and low-cost processes while maintaining the tightest cost control in the industry.