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Anyway, ‘Duty Calls’ is another entertaining addition to Sandy Mitchell’s Ciaphas Cain series, chronicling the exploits and accidental heroism of the reluctant. Duty Calls is the fifth Ciaphas Cain novel and, disappointingly, is a little bit of a let -down after the terrific Death or Glory. The good news is that. Duty Calls (Ciaphas Cain) [Sandy Mitchell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. While assisting local forces quell widespread civil disorder.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. If you read them all at once the plots blur a bit and can start seeming similar, so pace yourself.

Preview — Duty Calls by Sandy Mitchell.

No sooner has he done so than his unit of choice — Sulla ‘s — get called to action to Aceralbaterra, a lush jungle plateaux filled with enough livestock to provide the Tyranids with a feast. It took me a while to get through this one, but it was mostly because I have been reading other things, not a reflection of the book, which was excellent.

A few days later, the th is efficiently deployed, but Cain is unable to relax, especially when neither Amberley nor the ciaphae Arbites can say with any certainty how much of the local PDF is infiltrated by the genestealers.

Cain promises Amberley and Lazurus that he will ask Zyvan’s intelligence analysts to re-sift their data for signs of this cult. Ciaphxs don’t even answer my emails in a timely fashion. Sunday, 20 March Ciaphas Cain: Part of the great lure of this line of books is Cain’s re Ciaphas Cain finds himself in the middle of a political and civil skirmish on Periremunda, and discovers an evil scheme designed to bring the wrath of the tyranids to the plateaus of the planet.

Duty Calls, cover art by Clint Langley. Books by Sandy Mitchell. This time, a simple rebellion is revealed to mask a whole number of other threats which Cain and his ever-faithful aide Jurgen have to deal with. A jolly good read indeed; so pull up a caih, put your feet up on the desk, grab a nice hot cup of Tanna, and just relax.


The Cain novels are this in 40k. You’ve got Cain and Jurgen in Periremunda to quench a supposedly chaos riot.

Duty Calls (Warhammer 40, : Ciaphas Cain, book 5) by Sandy Mitchell

The only slight warning I will add goes for the entire Ciaphas Cain series and is this: Not that this is a bad thing. Commissar Cain becomes the public face of the Imperial Dufy, thanks to the printsheets; something he truly hates to be. I still own Cain’s Last Stand, so I may consider reading that in the future, but if I didn’t already own the next book it’s unlikely I would be motivated to by the next one.

Seeing the mutations on their attackers’ bodies, including extra limbs, Cain swiftly realizes what they are dealing with on Periremunda: The planetary arbitrator goes from being a major character at the start to virtually vanishing altogether, whilst Cain’s ideological clash between his pragmatism and the Sisters’ idealism is never developed to its full potential.

Is it a well written and enjoyable book with very few negatives?

List of Ciaphas Cain characters. It’s been a few years since I read a Ciaphas Cain novel, but ciiaphas was my least favorite of the series so far. Show More Show Less. The figure flips up its helmet, and Cain is stunned to see Amberley Vail grinning back at him. Homebody by Joanna GainesHardcover 8.

A short excerpt from a popular travelogue explains that Periremunda is largely uninhabitable, consisting of a sea of constantly shifting tectonic plates and magma. With Amberley’s permission, Cain shares the news with Kasteen and Broklaw, while cautioning that it can’t go any further. Cain desperately fends off more attacks with his chainsworduntil Jurgen rushes in and the assassin suddenly becomes visible, his duy psyker abilities nullified.

Killian confides that, with Periremunda close to being overrun by the Tyranids, they will have to abandon the planet and expunge all traces of their presence. Jul 30, Tyler rated it really liked it.

The good news is that we are reunited with the Valhallans th and also with Inquisitor Amberley Veil and her retinue of demented allies. It felt a little rushed at the end but it’s still good stuff. Elsewhere the book suffers from perhaps a tad too much reliance on the Ciaphas Cain formula – Cain is bluff and cowardly but emerges a hero, whilst Jurgen caij his melta gun and futy abilities save the day more than once – as well as a sense of plot overload.


As a result some elements are under-developed. Cain’s actions have saved not only the planet’s sole spaceport, but over a million civilians in Darien the capital cityand a local news broadcast lionizes Cain for acting without a thought for his own safety when cwlls would say it was the first, last, and only thing on his mind. Oct 22, Carlos Arsenio Garcia udty it liked it. Cain’s first impulse is to hide, but there is nowhere to go: A heavy cargo dirigible filled with promethium is heading for the city on a suicide run.

Books In This Series xuty Books. A quality finish to the Ciaphas Cain series The first two Ciaphis Cain novels were my favorite, and my enjoyment of them declined since then. Showing of 13 reviews. And what is the interest of the Inquisition, which seems to be a very active interest?

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Not as fast as other books in my opinion and after reading 6 books by him I must say that my favourite one was also the smaller one. They are both shaken remembering the carnage on Corania that ripped the th’s precursor regiments in halfbut start planning with their usual professionalism.

Lilley rated it really liked it Dec 12, Caught between the two, Cain decides to charge the psykers, with Jurgen by his side. The Valhallan th is part of the deployment, along with its increasingly legendary commissar, Ciaphas Cain, hero of the Imperium. Duty Calls by Sandy MitchellPaperback. Martin Paperback, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1.