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Form 6 – Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after the draft To check if your name has been included in the electoral rolls, you can follow the steps. Disclaimer: Contents on this website is meant for searching only. Website designed and hosted by Election Commission of India, New Delhi (INDIA). PDF of Electoral Roll (showing details of all enrolled voters) as on 21 Jan

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Act,the minimum age of registration of a voter has been brought down to 18 years. April 5, at 9: The tasks like accessing the PDF version of voter list and checking application status are also possible on the same.

However many voters are in doubt about their name whether it is in the voter list or not. Below are some of the important links in the same respect. January 12, at For that purpose, you have to visit the CEO website of your state.


So lets sum up the question: Chief Electoral Officer of the state. You can do it manually or online.

You can do so by following the steps ceouotemp here: August 27, at ceuoptemp But for the submission of this application for election commission of India identity card you must keep in mind a few things.

But if you plan to fill and submit this form in a period when summary revision is not on then you can only submit your application at the local ERO Electoral registration officer office.


You could very easily keep it in your wallet or a handbag and be assured that would not shrivel.


A voter id card has much more shelf life and is very easily preserved and maintained. November 13, at EC of Bihar has its official web address in the form of ceobihar. Through the 61st amendment Act, of the Constitution read with Act 21 of amending the R. Please look into the matter.

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The above epic no. No If you are working in Uttar Pradesh and residing there, you are an ordinary resident of Uttar Pradesh in terms of Sec 19 b.

March 2, at It remains valid even if you have changed your address. I have submitted my application in form No 8 in Thesil jhansi fo correction of my father ceoptemp but still not ro,l my new voter i card. Also, we shall enlighten you about other important voter concerns like the election commission of India voter list and ways of checking voter id application status. Not to mention the scale and quality of voter education campaigns run by this CEO office are considered among the best in the nation.

How to get Voter ID in Uttar Pradesh

Let us tell you more about the Chief Election Officers of some Indian states. Your words are your own, so be nice and helpful if you can.


The eligibility for filling the form no. You can then use your unique application id to check the same. JPEG format of the passport size foll.

The submission of the offline form no. So here is some super concise information about all the forms available for the voters in UP and all the other states, along with the functions they perform and the links from where they could be downloaded.

Especially for a country like India where there are so many states and each state ceouptwmp above par population, the need for a more localized authority to handle voter registration and election related tasks in evident.

To share the great burden of conducting free and fair rlol, a CEO has a whole team of officers and administrators who work in synchronization to achieve the difficult goals. In this article we tell you the online process for getting voter identity card in the present year Act, clarify the point. You also need to ceoupttemp the Name and Id number of a voter member of your family for reference. Act,only a person who is ordinarily resident in a constituency is entitled to be registered in the electoral roll of that constituency.