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CEI 211-6 PDF

Questa Norma viene pubblicata dal CEI nella sola lingua inglese in quanto particolarmente mirata a settori specialistici. La presente CEI image The Biodry device is in conformity with the safety requirements regarding exposition to electromagnetical fields, EN; ICNIRP, //CE, CEI 6. Control by local Authorities by using standards CE and and Article 14 of Law No. 36 a. b. Reference to Standard CEI Multiple frequency.

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The applicability of IEC This collateral standard to IEC specifies general requirements and tests for basic safety and essential performance with regard to electromagnetic disturbances and for electromagnetic emissions of ME equipment and ME systems. These structures can be further classified as one- two- or multi-port TEM waveguides.

Guidelines applicable to movement-induced electric fields or time-varying mag- netic fields up to 1 Hz will be published separately. Test requirements are specified for each port considered. This consolidated version consists of the third editionits amendment 1 and its amendment 2 Three locations ce are defined according to their relative position from the building service entrance.

Friest – Strumentazione per misure CEM, Strumentazione EMC e Filtri RF

The object of this standard is to establish a common reference for evaluating the functional immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to conducted disturbances induced by RF fields. These types include open structures for example, striplines and electromagnetic pulse simulators and closed structures for example, TEM cells.

It is applicable to electrical and electronic equipment having an input current up to and including 16 A per phase, and intended to be connected to public low voltage distribution systems. The Biodry device is suitable to restorations and renovations of any kind of building: Mentre la Norma EN si riferisce alla protezione dei ricevitori esterni agli autoveicoli, alle imbarcazioni e ai dispositivi similari, la presente Norma 21-6 riferisce invece 211- protezione dei ce interni a tali macchine e dispositivi.


For the purpose of this standard, a vehicle is a machine, which is ceei. The limits given in this International Standard are applicable to electrical and electronic equipment with a rated input current exceeding 16 A and up to and including 75 A per phase, intended to be connected to public low-voltage a.

Biodry the Solution

La Norma specifica i requisiti di emissione nella gamma di frequenza 9 kHz – GHz. Guaranty of drying up As soon as the device will be installed, one of our technician will periodically come to control it to make sure it is correctly functioning. For each category, representative waveforms of surge voltages and surge currents are described, organized in two recommended ‘standard waveforms’ and three suggested ‘additional waveforms. The contents of the interpretation sheet 1 and 2 of june have been including in this copy.


This document does not contain requirements for in-situ assessment. Immunity requirements in the frequency range 0 Hz to GHz are covered. Furthermore, any kind of ‘legal statements’ were removed from the normative main body of this International Standard.

This consolidated version consists of the sixth edition and its amendment 1 Le apparecchiature progettate per irradiare energia elettromagnetica nel campo delle radiocomunicazioni sono cfi dalla presente norma. Le prescrizioni per le prove in situ sono allo studio. Moreover while surge test for ports connected to outside telecommunication lines was addressed in 6.

La Norma si occupa dei campi elettromagnetici per frequenze fino a GHz. This edition constitutes a minor revision.

The following list, although not comprehensive, ce an indication of locations that are included: The environments encompassed by this standard are industrial, both indoor and outdoor. This edition constitutes a technical revision which includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: The object of this standard is to establish a common reference for evaluating the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to surges.


However, no emission requirements apply unless formulated in this standard. Accedi e inizia a chattare. Questa Norma viene pubblicata dal CEI in una prima fase nella sola lingua inglese, per consentirne l’immediato utilizzo da parte degli utenti interessati, nel rispetto della data di pubblicazione fissata dagli Enti Normatori internazionali. Owing to testing and performance assessment considerations, some tests are specified in defined frequency bands or at selected frequencies.

For systems with nominal voltages less than V line-to-neutralthe limits have not yet been considered. This consolidated version consists of the first edition and its 21-6 1 This standard does not apply to built-in components for luminaires such as electronic control gear.

Biodry Technology | Soluzione umidità risalita |

Gli ambienti considerati sono quelli industriali, sia interni che esterni. It specifies limits of harmonic components of the input current which may be produced by equipment tested under specified conditions. This main technical change with respect to the previous edition consists of the addition of new provisions for the use of spectrum analyzers for compliance measurements.

The existing dump turn back to the ground in an absolutely natural way, favoring the definitive drying up of walls. Esssa non comprende allo stato attuale prescrizioni per gli apparecchi che non possono essere provati in laboratorio.

The contents of corrigendum of March and August have been included in this copy.

La presente Norma di famiglia di prodotti si applica alle macchine utensili. The Biodry technology reverse the current flow which carries the molecules of water up, simply disconnecting the electrical interference on cfi.

La presente Norma viene utilizzata congiuntamente alla Norma EN In such a case, additional provisions may be required.