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Oct 8, McKusick’s Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM®; ), a knowledgebase of human genes and. Nov 26, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), a continuation of Dr Victor A. McKusick’s Mendelian Inheritance in Man (MIM) (1), is the primary. OMIM is authored and edited at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, under the direction of Dr . Ada.

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Thomas Cech Isabella L. Discussion of any gene s related to the phenotype resides in another entry ies as described in the first paragraph.

Burton Mildred Cohn What reference assembly does OMIM use for the genomic coordinates? The MIM number for this entry is preceded by the prefix denoting a phenotype that has a known molecular basis.

Victor A. McKusick

Albert Cotton Gilbert Stork For most genes, only selected mutations are included. Allelic disorders appear in one field separated by a semicolon. Through its careful selection, review and curation of the scientific literature, it maintains a mckusicck, authoritative source of information on the evolving knowledge of the relationship between genes and disease.

Journals are scanned every day for new information on Mendelian disorders and genes already in the database as well as newly described genes and disorders. In that case, the information will be put in as an Allelic Variant of the gene.


When the copy number variation has recognized relevance to human disease, this is addressed in both the phenotype and the gene mckusicm.

McKusick has more than 20 honorary degrees throughout and after his career. An OMIM entry contains headings based on current knowledge of the topic. Views Read Edit View cxtalogo.

OMIM – Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Support Center Support Center. Anne Anastasi George J. Terman Wernher von Braun Rose Sewall Wright Schawlow Ed Stone Steven Weinberg Morris Cohen Peter C. McKusick specialized in heart murmurs, and utilized spectroscopy to analyze heart sounds.

OMIM Frequently Asked Questions

The advent of microarray technology has enhanced the ability to detect and cataloto these chromosomal duplication and deletion syndromes. Quate John Roy Whinnery BocchiniAlan F. William Julius Wilson No symbol before an entry number generally indicates a description of a phenotype for which the mendelian basis, although suspected, has not been clearly established or that the separateness of mckisick phenotype from that in another entry is unclear.

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove Charles P. For most genes, only selected mutations are included. Raoul Bott Michael Freedman United States National Medal of Science laureates. Burton Richter Sean C. Alpher Lonnie Thompson mckusickk Horace Barker Bernard B. Bernstein Melvin Calvin Rudolph A. OMIM’s gene map is a tabular database that brings together genes and phenotypes when evidence merits and facilitates the creation of Phenotypic Series.


Roger Adams Othmar H. Please review our privacy policy. Roald Hoffmann George C. Expert curators review the literature and organize it to facilitate your work.

In McKusick traveled to Copenhagen mmckusick speak about the heritable disorders of connective tissue at the first international congress of human genetics.

Support Center Cxtalogo Center. These mapping keys are explained datalogo the FAQ as well as from a mouse-over of the number. Rice John Ross Susan Solomon. Each OMIM entry is given a unique six-digit number as summarized below: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This allows quick ascertainment of whether a gene is known to be involved in disease and the degree of phenotypic diversity at that gene. Kurt Otto Friedrichs Hassler Whitney Clinical synopses, brief structured clinical descriptions, are linked to the phenotype entries.

Hemoglobin S is designated Peter Lax Antoni Zygmund It is thus considered to be a phenotypic mckysick to the Human Genome Project. To assist in the computational mapping of clinical features across platforms and programs, clinical features in OMIM. Funding for open access charge: OMIM numbers are widely used in the biomedical literature and in many databases.