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Imagen 18 de 18 de la galería de Clásicos de Arquitectura: Casa Kaufmann / Richard Neutra. Fachadas. Casa del desierto de Edgar Kaufmann. Arq. Richard Neutra, #desert # Kaufmann #Neutra. Vivienda realizada por Richard Neutra en pleno desierto de California en las proximidades de Palm Springs.

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These walkways are separated by a huge stone wall to give entry to the services by one side and the house on the other. Kaufmann Desert House, November The lounge area, shared with the dining room and more or less square, is at the center of the house. The large sliding windows, whose bronze-colored blinds alleviated the silvery glow of the house, lead cas an open, adjacent courtyard in the living room and in the master bedroom, open to the pool.

They rebuilt a pool house that serves as a viewing pavilion for the main house, and kept a tennis court that was built on a parcel added to the original Kaufmann property. Although both have unprotected glass in the southern part of a home located in the middle of the desert seems crazy, this is because the house was to be used only one month per year, fichard January. This is particularly evident in the living room, whose walls of steel and glass slide outward toward the southeast, while the construction of deck and supports the hanging wall sliding moving toward the pool and spatially linking the house with it.

Casa Kaufmann | arquiscopio – archive

Richard Neutra built a building in which the horizontal planes of the decks seem to float on transparent glass walls, giving the whole an overall look of lightness. Is, the presence of patios and porches in housing connects the interior and exterior, so that the desert seems to take part in the same building. In the northern wing, another open walkway passes along an exterior patio, leading to two guest rooms.


Kauffman visited Dasa West, the summer study of Wright, located in the middle of Arizona, but was not particularly impressed. This five-bedroom, five-bathroom vacation house in Palm Springs, was designed to emphasize connection to the desert landscape while offering shelter from harsh climatic conditions.

Kaufmann House – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

The east wing is connected with the living space of the czsa wing through a gallery that houses a bedroom suite. You can use these HTML tags. The gargoyles are an architectural element known in Japanese gardens as in medieval cathedrals. However, the stone is carefully chiseled, both in ccasa original house, for which Neutra trained masons who had worked in Falling Water, who had come Kaufmann, as in the restoration carried out by the new owners by mid in the 90s and lasted five years.

The architects removed the areas added and restored the house based on the famous photographs Julius Shulman did of the house in Views Read Edit View history. Home of the Week. This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat Beside the house, in a somewhat lower level, a swimming pool reflects its structure.

Kaufmann House

The only coexistence between them occurs in the shaded walkways, terraces and courtyards. They were able to obtain pieces from the original suppliers of paint and fixtures; they purchased a metal-crimping machine to reproduce the sheet-metal fascia that lined the roof.

Inthe home was rediscovered and purchased by a married couple: In the north wing another corridor opens along an outside patio that leads to two other rooms. Languages Deutsch Edit links. Wellcome CollectionLondonUK. Biblioteca en Gando, Burkina Faso. The natural stone from Utah who Neutra used in the exterior and interior creates a vivid chiaroscuro effect that is difference in the smoothness in other finishes.


The desert, or rather, this primordial wilderness area that stretches around Palm Springs, fascinated Neutra. Video of the Architect of the Foundation Caja de Arquitectos: It was one of the last large-commission domestic projects designed by Richard Neutra, but it is also arguably one of his most architecturally noteworthy and famous homes.

Work detailed in Wikiarquitectura: Hasta el 20 de enero de In the gutters of Southern highlights a beautiful detail. Spaces The Kaufmann House distills space in the silver-plated horizontal planes that rest atop transparent glass panes. Architecture is better explained in images Follow us on Instagram!

Enter your email address: Neutra was commissioned to make a home in the desert of California in the vicinity of Palm Springs, town at the foot of Mount San Jacinto shelter of the great Hollywood stars of the era. The home was commissioned by Edgar J.

Despite the neat precision of the Kaudmann House, it evokes the spirit of the houses of those Indian tribes, which he admired so much. Concept This vacation home was designed to emphasize the desert landscape and its harsh climate. Blinds that flank a long dark pool connect the guest wing with the rest of the house.