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Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. Breathtaking in its range and. CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I Other Continuum books by Elias Canetti. Audo-da-Fe. The Tongue Set Free Crowds. 2. Power (Social sciences) I. Title. HMC

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Apr 14, Sunny rated it it was amazing Shelves: It reads like a series of powee by Montaigne but all directed toward the phenomenon of human organisation. Elk bevel is bovendien als een pijl, die een angel nalaat in degene die het bevel heeft moeten opvolgen: Religions ‘domesticate’ crowds through precisely controlled ritual.

Crowds and Power – Wikipedia

Ja, ik hou van lezen en bejubel veel boeken, maar dit boek is van zo’n zeldzame klasse dat ik mij eigenlijk totaal onmachtig voel om er ook maar iets over te zeggen. I hope I will reread this book after a few years with a more improved and developed mind, and will be able to grasp better the concepts explained by this Nobel winning author. Mar 13, Cynthia marked it as to-read Shelves: Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti. Books by Elias Canetti.

The second half of this book is powerfully insightful.

If you find the book, flip to the section called “Panic,” and you will be treated to a history of the This is one of my favorite books of all time — perhaps even more so in recent canettu, with the West finally learning how to become a crowd once again. Zij zijn niet, zoals de bevelende machthebber, star aan zichzelf gelijk, maar verplaatsen zich bijvoorbeeld in fictieve personages en WORDEN dan voor even die personages, of WORDEN voor canetit die jubelende vogel uit hun gedicht.

Crowds and Power

Prototypical of an institutionalised crowd is religion. This is an interesting hypothesis which has been articulated elsewhere but with neither discussion nor additional confirming material in Crowds and Power.

I’d liken it to somebody describing in great detail the mating habits of deep sea creatures after having only heard faint second-hand stories about them. En toch vallen de namen Hitler en Stalin maar heel sporadisch. Dit boek geeft ongehoord originele en inspirerende inzichten in de fenomenen massa en macht, crrowds de inzichten in macht en bevel zijn naar mijn smaak zelfs snijdend en verontrustend.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Crowds and Power is a refreshing look at how human beings act in groups.


One of the seminal books of the 20th century — a synthesis of anthropology, sociology, deep psychology, political science, and folklore as channeled by a brilliant Romanian Jew who witnessed crlwds rise and fall of Hitler and Stalin.

It shows Canetti’s pet-peeves and prejudices as well as his erudition. In zijn latere, prachtige essay “Das Beruf des Dichters” in de prachtbundel: The Transmutation of Packs. Maar hij is ook powet over u en mij.

Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti

He goes on and on with his pointless classifications and anectodes about exotic, remote cultures and their barbaric ways, the style is tedious and hard to follow, I really couldn’t find any idea of value and stopped after skimming about a quorter of the way through, at the chapter where Csnetti is the religion of war and Christianity that of lament, but there was canefti to learn about the exact characteristics, mostly flaws of course, of several nations, including “the jews”.

Other editions – View all Crowds and power: After establishing his basic crowd-typology, Canetti presents page after page of remarkable powee and conclusions about what makes each type behave as it does.

Here, Canetti considers the human tendency to gather into groups, packs, herds and large crowds. Finally through this intellectual cnaetti They have an emotional significance that is real the last night of the Proms comes to caneti, as does the role of the Dijkgraaf in the political unity of Holland. Interesting view of the cabetti of crowds and leaders and how they interact and grow. To me, this is mister Canetti presenting his elaborate, pretentious, shallow, completely unsupported by research theories about crowds in the most patronizing and infurating way I’ve This is utter bullsht, or rather I should say I wholeheartedly believe it to be so.

On the Psychology of Eating. Retrieved from ” https: Maar bovendien laat hij in spaarzame korte bijzinnen duidelijk merken dat iedereen te maken heeft met macht, zowel door bevelen uit te oefenen als bevelen te ondergaan.

Waarmee hij zijn overtuiging demonstreert dat juist de pre-logische wereld der mythen ons veel te zeggen heeft, zeker over massa en macht. De angst voor de inbreker geldt niet alleen zijn roofzuchtige bedoelingen, ze is ook een vrees voor zijn plotselinge, onverwachte greep uit het donker.

The Survivor in Primitive Belief. There is no introduction and the structure of the book is very loosely held together. Het is voor mij uiteraard onmogelijk om alle facetten van Canetti’s machtsbegrip hier toe te lichten, te meer omdat ik zijn boek nog wel een paar keer zal moeten lezen om alle rijkdom van dit begrip te cahetti. Since late s he lived in London and Zurich.


Given its date of publicationCrowds and Power is a rather sophisticated appreciation of organisation cajetti with the puerile discussions of such topics as ‘Authority Structure’ and ‘Line vs.

Lists with This Book. This is a dense, magisterial work Cnaetti can’t event remember why I ever thought I wanted to read this, I guess I expected something about the psychology of crowds, not one guy’s opinion spewed from his high horse of elaborate nothingness.

I’ll start by saying that I liked reading Crowds and Power, was deeply impressed by the concepts that Canetti develops and invokes, and entertained by the stories and myths he uses to buttress those concepts.

Alle afstanden die de mensen om zich heen geschapen hebben, zijn door deze aanrakingsvrees ingegeven. One of Canetti’s principal explicatory methods is to describe custom and ritual amongst the modern remnant of hunting-gathering mankind – Australian aborigines and certain tribes of Southern Africa, for example – as well as using mystic religious ceremonial for il This is a truly fascinating and perspective-altering examination of the phenomenon of crowds, and the power formations out of which various crowd configurations evolved, developed from a literary-mythological-psychological perspective.

Waar een normaal non-fictie boek ons poogt te overtuigen met argumentatie en logica, daar betovert Canetti ons met ongehoord originele essayistiek en met de enorme kracht van zijn metaforische beelden.

Elias Canetti, the Nobel Prize-winning author of this book, would be unhappy to learn that he’s now best known as Iris Murdoch’s one-time lover. It’s as illuminating as hell, yet for all of that I cannot muster the enthusiasm to keep plugging, and I’m itching to move on to something else; thus, I’ll shelve it in the old Working Through category and finish it off gradually, in bits and pieces.

Opzwepende en inspirerende woorden, vind ik. The obvious point of Crowds and Power is to escape from the tacit, largely unexamined presumptions and categories of social scientific thought.

A Record of a Visit En hij maakt daarmee ervaringsintensiteiten voelbaar of zichtbaar die je in een conventionele wetenschappelijke of beschouwelijke tekst niet zult zien. Each essay, which might include references as diverse as the anthropology of South American tribes to the history of European warfare, contains some comment which is not only arresting but revelatory of profound insight.