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Start by marking “Juntos: Caminos cruzados (Juntos, #2)” as Want to Read: I still liked Ky and Cassia, since Ally Condie writes with such feeling and depth. Segundo libro de la trilogía, Juntos Con su amor, Cassia y Ky han quebrantado las inflexibles normas de la Sociedad y ahora deben asumir las consecuencias. Caminos cruzados (Juntos 2) – Ebook written by Ally Condie. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for.

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People say how disappointing Crossed was and I put off reading it for a year because of that. View all 5 comments. Like in Matcheda lot of emphasis is placed on character development in this book Maybe that was the point – to tease the readers, but, in all honesty I was frustrated with how long the first part of this book took.

Cassia is searching for Ky and he is searching for her, but as soon as they find each other everything turns out to be more complicated than they expect There’s nothing wrong with it, but still, it had me thinking that without Ky’s point of view, there would be a whole lot of holes to fill just to complete the stor Matched was one of my most favorite dystopian lit. I know that there is another book in the series which I am looking forward to reading, especially after the way things were left off in Crossed.

In the first book he is calm and thoughtful but in Crossed he shows that this is not his whole personality and he can be upset and jealous and terribly angry as well.

Alexandria prefiere arriesgar su vida luchando antes que limpiar retretes, aunque de todas formas, puede que termine en los barrios bajos. I’ve discovered that Condie’s writing style is different from cqminos dystopian books I’ve read. I think I get the story more, but this book seriously lacks any excitement.


Besides Ky and Cassia and a very, cryzados brief appearance of Xandernone of the characters from Matched are in this part of the story.

There are also really good action scene’s.

Caminos cruzados – Ally Condie

The problem is though… the pace was way too slow for a sequel and the plot was in no hurry to become interesting or suspenseful. By the end of Matched, Cassia had fully embraced the notion of free will. But alas, this was not the case. I was super excited about it mainly because I love the cover.

The questions are important, but the content is presented in a way which is accessible and without too much in the way of questionable content. It’s really quite annoying how hard it was to find the Rising yet it was so easy for them to just return Cassia to Central. Which is strange, because people say that this one is the worst, and alot of people stoped reading this series after this one.

Caminos cruzados – Ally Condie | Berkeley Public Library

As with the first, Cia is discovering more about the Society cruzadow she was ever meant to know. Change of scenery only brought new conflict.

He makes it worth the read. First of all, I was quite shocked when I found out that the book was written in two different points of view.

My life next door 1. Hunter and Cruaados are also awesome! I hope that Indie does end up with Xander, so that Cassia and Ky will finally get together in the end. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. Besides, he finally freaks out! I liked learning cruzadks about the characters and the society.

This Pilot will be key throughout the whole book as it represents the leader of The Rising, the rebellion that is taking place against The Society.

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She’s strong, motivated, and although she still is emotional, she still cares with her whole heart. Much like its predecessor, Crossed is written in lyrical prose “Loving him gave me wings and all my work has given me the strength to move them,” Cassia says of Ky.


It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Although Condle think I like the first book a little better. View all 7 comments. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I enjoyed Eli and Indie. It’s like meets My Side of the Mountain. The dual narration had potential, but the characters’ voices were too similar to each other to really serve much purpose. Overall I think this book was slow. There’s something beautiful about the way Ally Condie writes.

Caminso never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. It wasn’t bad as I expected.

Ky is cryzados always honest with her and neither is she with him. He is young and he is super-sweet! Anyway, she exposes both character’s viewpoints gracefully, letting the reader enter their worries, fears, and thoughts laced with love. Indie is just like a snake for me. Disney can pull this off the best.

Overall, I would say that the series by Ally Condie has intrigued me and I think if you can get past the novel’s being slow-paced then I think it is quite an enjoyable series because it holds a lot of interesting ideas that I confie not read about in other books for example, The Hundreds – society dictating what you read, listen to and watch and it really makes you think of how blessed we are to live in a world where what we read or watch isn’t restricted.

Ky and Cassia or Xander and Cassia.