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Transistor 2SC, 2SC Silicon NPN epitaxial planer type For low- frequency power amplification and driver amplification Complementary to 2SA and. 2SC NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR C 1. Data Code. L: Lead Free. G: Halogen Free. UTC. 2SC Data Code. L: Lead Free. 2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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The manufacture of the transistor can bebetween the relative insertion phase length of a transistor and fluctuations in a number of variablesactive base width of the transistor. Fets start with 2SJ, or 2SK.

If you don’t mind ugly, you can parallel two to four garden-variety NPN transistors to make a replacement for this part. The transistor characteristics are divided into three areas: TL — Programmable Reference Voltage. The current requirements of the transistor switch varied between 2A. This may, or may not be important in your application. A little slower, but the originals were nothing to brag about either. If you have a schematic for the application, we might have more specific suggestions.

Your name or email address: So, about the asthetics it’s not mhuc of a problem in fact if i can use TO as a package i think it’s better for me so i’ll be safe.

Brandon Power dissipation can be calculated by multiplying voltage across a transistor times current through the device. Aug Fri 27, 2: Is there a number in the original transistors specs that I should try to hit within a range given for the substituted transistors?


A number of them appear to have the same physical layout as the original. Log in or Sign up.

2SC1384 . Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

Now that you know what you need, start hunting for an acceptable substitute with the same or similar case style. Tranwistor noticed that the Ft value for the is 3 while the original is 8. The importance of this difference is described in the.

Pc power dissapationw http: When this transistor is fully biased, it can allow a maximum of mA to flow across the collector and emitter. EchoWarsAug 17, Base-emitterTypical Application: BC has a gain value of tothis value determines the amplification capacity of the transistor.

This one is very popular in the US. Best of luck with your project. This code makes testing transistors much easier with the diode test function on your multimeter. When used as an Amplifier the DC current gain of the Transistor can be calculated by using the below formulae. G’day all, sometimes manufacturers do odd things with transistors based on economy, and not necessarily performance.

Not sure about the pinouts though. Based on the above posts, I’m trying my hand at doing some substitution.

How do I pick a substitute transisitor | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

If you have any suggestions about the TO package it will be very helpful and maybe guide me how you found it. If a transistor has 40 volts between collector and emitter and 20 ma through it transistor is dissipating. The value of this resistor R B can be calculated using below formula. I expect the exact same die is also sold in a power c138 for mounting on a heatsink. No, create an account now. I am trying to find a substitute c transistor.


Jan Tue 01, 1: Submitted by admin on 16 March What is the transistor doing? Aug Fri 27, 3: It can trxnsistor power, voltage and current at different configurations.

It’s being used in conjunction with the B as the power output transistors on this unit. BC is a NPN transistor so the collector and emitter will be left open Reverse biased when the base pin is held at ground and will be closed Forward biased when a signal is provided to base pin.

A Panasonic data sheet is at: Anything more than 5mA will kill the Transistor; hence a resistor is always added in series with base pin to limit the current. Do you know of a good place online where I can learn how to calculate the power dissipation of a transistor etc. Thanks for you offer. I have a Marantz B that needs some attention. Books Support This Site: EchoWarsAug 16, I will search for some to packages though for replacement.

I can see why that was running hot. Mouser Electronics sells to many countries worldwide.