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BOUM MUSETTE by Joe Basile .Musette Waltz. 18, views. Top Songs By Jo Basile. La Mer – Pierre Solange & Musette Ensemble · La Mer. Claudio – Boum Musette, Valse Fisarmonica Accordion. 5, views. BOUM MUSETTE valse. 1, views. Top Songs By Joss Baselli. 1. Indifférence – Joss. Boum Musette. by Jo Basile. on Accordion De Paris BOUM MUSETTE VALS ” JO BASILE”. Jo Basile – Boum musette. Jo Basile valsas”Boum musette”.

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In reply to Note entry and editing for by David Bolton. I forgot about muxette delete selection bug. They have to be on their own stave, then use the Drums palette. As a matter of fact I can’t seem to figure out how to edit notes – I double click on them and see that I’m in the edit mode, muzette I’m unable to change the rests to something like an acoustic snare drum.

In reply to Why do you want to use a by David Bolton. If this isn’t working for you then it may be a bug related to the tuplet. Are you able to add notes outside of tuplet?

Boum Musette (Valse)

In reply to I have figured out drum note by jameswadewilson. I can double click on a note to get into the edit mode, but cannot figure out how to get a note in the drum palette to modify misette rests created after making a tuplet. I feel so silly!


Like I said, Noum a very novice musician. See Drum notation in the handbook for details. Select it and type control Here are the various scenarios I encounter: I am also a novice musician, using this software to elegantly recopy multi-page scores onto one single page. I’ve been able to successfully make a sextuplet until I get to the part where I edit the rests that are created – I don’t seem to do able to do this.

The tuplet works as expected using the latest nightly build. Breadcrumb Home Forums Support and bug reports. I suspected as much. Museette dotted half-note turns into an eighth note followed by 5 rests 3.

I recommend starting this score over using the latest nightly build. No, the rest durations are fine, I just don’t see a way to replace them with the equivalent duration muaette drum note. If I switch to quarter note, the rests can be replaced, obviously by quarter notes.

Joss Baselli – Boum musette – Listen on Deezer

Heart of the Sunrise. Do you still have an unanswered question? I say this only because you are encountering significant problems with 0. I’ve looked through the forums and noticed that there has been issues with 6 tuplets.

I type in a dotted half note. I’ve been having many crashes and weird behaviors trying to put in sixtuplets. Most importantly, though, I museyte wanted to point out some crashes that happened consistently while trying to use the program.


Please log in first to post your question. Attachment Size Heart of the Sunrise. I’ve been able to add notes, I just can’t seem to change the rests in this 16th note sextuplet to snare drum.

I did place the first snare note by double-clicking so that may be a part of the crash problem. I switch to note entry mode and try to replace the rests with the eighth notes.

I then selected the note and changed the duration to a 16th, etc. In MuseScore you replace existing rests with notes see the opening section of note entry. Maybe there’s something I’m missing? Thanks for your response.

User support Documentation Development Donate. Note entry and editing for percussion staves works a little differently from other instruments. I have mac osx In reply to For instructions on by David Bolton. However, after I saved it and tried to close it, MS crashed. Please keep in mind that scores saving in the prerelease or nightly builds will not open correctly in older versions of MuseScore. Thanks for any help.

Perhaps the problem is an unwanted rest duration s. Here are the various scenarios I encounter:.