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Frank Richards has books on Goodreads with ratings. Frank Richards’s most popular book is Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School. Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School [Frank Richards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Author Frank Richards’s complete list of books and series in order, with the latest The Billy Bunter stories were serialised in The Magnet from until the.

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During The Magnet era, Billy Bunter is not yet the permanent principal character he would become in the post-war era. He was ahead of his time, being one of the very few early 20th century writers to have championed non-Anglo Saxon characters in his stories as well as giving snobs and the uppers classes short shift.

Girl Jinty Misty Tammy. However, as ‘The Magnet’ is one of my favourite interests, I will run reviews of series read recently and articles previously included in ‘Golden Years’, but will not reveal any parts of the rihcards which will spoil it for those who haven’t yet read same.

Views Read Edit View history. Chesterton ; or Percy Griffith, the original editor of The Magnet.

He was introduced in Magnet No. However, this frani applies to Bunter himself rather than the stories in general in which both the protagonists and the narrative of the Greyfriars stories are unusually firm in rejecting racism.

But at home, when I couldn’t get to the library, I read Agatha Christie my grandmother, who lived nearby, was a big fan and my dad’s books which meant lots of John Creasy Insp.


Billy Bunter’s Postal Order, 9. His character is, in many respects, a highly obnoxious anti-hero. Following the closure of The Magnet inHamilton had little work; but he became known as the author of the Greyfriars stories following a newspaper interview he gave to the London Evening Standard.

Billy Bunter’s Treasure Hunt, Bunter also appeared in many Knockout annuals, even on some covers. In a conversation with his study mate Peter Todd, Bunter’s view of the two candidates offers an insight into his priorities in life:. Billy Bunter featured in well over a thousand of these magazines, with his part growing as Hamilton realized the comic potential of Billy Bunter.

Bunter Comes for Christmas, Quelch explains to Bob Cherry etc. If you have ever thought “have I ever read a Billy Bunter Story? Stronger characters such as Remove Captain Harry Wharton, the hard and rebellious Herbert Vernon-Smith frxnk Fifth form duffer Horace Coker are frequently given leading roles in their own series; and even lesser characters such as American junior Fisher T Fish and aspiring actor William Wibley would occasionally be brought to the fore in their own series.

Anyway, once again, well done on the article. At this point Cassell took over the richarvs.

Books by Frank Richards (Author of Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School)

Steve answers – The man your chap met was Alexander Mitchell who lived in Brisbane for many years. From the very first Buntre story, Bunter suffers an ongoing shortage of cash and is forever attempting to borrow money from his schoolfellows, explaining that he is expecting a postal order from one of his “titled relations”. Billy Bunter as depicted by The Magnet artist C. The importance of the move was two-fold: That was on the subject of Sammy. Charles Hamilton writing as Frank Richards.


Billy Bunter has been adapted for radio as an audio play several times [27]the last occasion being a 90 minute adaptation of the novel Billy Bunter’s Christmas Party broadcast on BBC Radio 4, as part of the series Saturday Night Theatrein December The pace is fast and furious, the richard brilliantly handled, the characterisation without equal in any other school story.

The Greyfriars Index: Post Publications: The Bunter books ()

There are some great action sequences in this collection, even if you don’t and I don’t like boxing. His Magnet Companion which I do have also indicates where frahk were reprinted, so that’s also a good guide.

Forty TV programmes of 30 minutes each were broadcast between and plus at least six plays, but the Fat Owl never made the jump to film.

He is in the Lower Fourth form of Greyfriars School, known as the Removefrajk members are 14—15 years of age. The result was the Ravenspur Grange series Magnets to which prompted a strong outcry from the Magnet readership, dismayed at Bunter’s disappearance.

Books by Frank Richards

Some of the more notable examples include:. Bunter Does His Best, They heartily agreed that Sammy was a little beast. Re printing of the facsimile editions The chances are that Baker did have access to the original copies held by I.