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The Beretta M (aka, ) was the first real IDF standard issue handgun ( insofar as the IDF uses handguns, which is rarely). You could. This particular model is referred to by several names, Beretta , M, Model , MOD and Brigadier. Regardless of the name, all of. The Beretta M pistol, also known as M, had been developed as a military pistol early in s by Pietro Beretta Armi SpA, Italy, and had been in use by.

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Beretta M – Wikipedia

Mausers for the masses: The pistol uses fixed iron sights set for engaging targets at 50 m. View List Register Login. This was replaced by the ‘second series’ model with a steel frame that proved to be totally adequate in endurance.

The spring-loaded extractor is integrated into the slide, and the fixed-type ejector is integral to the pistol’s frame. M M38 M12 Mx4 Storm. From to ft-lb WT: Bolan named his Brigadier “Belle” and over the course of dozens of books used it to kill hundreds of Mafiosi.

It amazes me that the Egyptians thought that this crude clip barely visible at the back of the magazine was somehow better than a proper magazine release button. A Special Cop in Action Italia a mano armata. The M was replaced by the successful M92, which is an improved M with larger magazine size. The Beretta M and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: You can see the crest near the slide serrations.

Email required Address never made public. Posted them on Gunboards.

The MR is a select fire version developed for Italian special forces. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The M is semi-automatic, but the MR is a fully automatic model produced in small quantities. Views Read View source View history.


The pistol is fully made out of metal but the grip plates are plastic. Beretta was in competition with Tokarev to become the primary supplier of sidearms to the new Egyptian republic. The pistol and cartridge was first adopted by the German Navy in and then by the German Army in Upon forward return, the slide picks up the barrel and the locking piece on the barrel lug is lifted up by the receiver cam to lock the barrel to the slide.

M A M pistol chambered in 7. Afterin the United States, it was briefly referred to as the in promotional literature. I can email them if you like.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The gun also employs an interesting push-button safety at the top rear of the grip panel, and a push-button magazine release at the bottom rear of the grip panel.

I assume that the Tzahal acceptance mark is the star? The Iraqi military and police took a page from the Egyptian book and licensed the design as the Tariq pistol. Notify me of new comments beertta email. Small Arms Survey The later M92 is an updated double stack version of the M9951 Colt 38 Special Squad Quelli della calibro The trigger is of single action type, the gun features cross-bolt safety switch at the rear of the grip.

When the pistol is fired, the locking piece, integral with the slide, goes back together with the barrel which is locked to the slide. This particular pistol is a genuine Berdtta Egyptian contract pistol — not an Egyptian-made Helwan! The frame is stamped with the Star of David and a property mark truncated Kaf, somebody told me. Berrtta can see the date of manufacture on the slide — Egypt also made a licensed version of the Brigadier, known as the ” Helwan Brigadier “.


The Helwan Brigadier is another matter. Egypt produced licensed copy of the M under the name “Helwan”.

I really have no idea why something like this would be surplused, but I was happy to buy it. To achieve better control over the full-auto fire, additional front grip can be installed.

The relatively large sights of the Egyptian Contract version were replaced – even on the Maadi-made Helwan – by the original smaller, unobtrusive sights which were less likely to snag on a holster.

Note the extended magazine. Fire selector is seen just behind and above the trigger. These guns will not have the Beretta name or logo anywhere on it, although they were at one time a licensed product. Unlike the Model 92 this early model employs a single-action trigger and a single-stack 8-round magazine. Berettq for Caliber 9 Napoli Helwan The Egyptian Helwan pistol in its original cartboard box.

This design brought new life into Beretta’s military offerings and was also the company’s first successful locked-breech handgun design. The slide is a replacement that has been electropenciled with the serial number of the frame.

Beretta 951

The Smile of the Fox. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Bereetta handgun is an awesome defence pistol for personal safety. MR Left side view of MR pistol with 8 round magazine and without grip.