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Bought used recently, the signal is “bloated” like a loudness but do not force if the dose, high-volume, the amp will quickly saturated. Quite simple to solve. Here is my Behringer Ultrafex EX – multi band enhancement unit. 19 inch Rack size Slight rack rash but nothing that won’t be hidden when its in your rack!. Results 1 – 50 Valuation Report for Used Dualfex II EX Mixer by Behringer USA (Specs: 2 ( Stereo), Rackmount).

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I haven’t been able to figure out how to properly connect this to an audio system – for some reason the logic escapes me. Thinking it through, obviously that’s not how to do it.

I post a link if I can find one. My system sounds like something way more expensive. This is a fun box to play with but i just don’t get the use rualfex of it any more.

Any questions, behrinnger get in touch. I told you wrong before. Discussion in ‘ Solid State ‘ started by robbackMar 28, One of the jacks is also labelled “Balanced”.


This Behringer processor any good? po – Recording Forum

Also, pro audio gear and consumer audio gear line levels are not the same. Eualfex manual from here: I liked using a graphic equalizer but there’s no comparison on this.

Roly CMar 28, Gehringer actually have no idea what the equipment is doing, but short of spending much more serious money on a high end system, I cant imagine it sounding better. Can anyone help me out with this.

Basically, 2 inputs and 2 outputs. Ray BbehringerMar 29, I have the two inputs connected to a Yamaha arranger via unbalanced plugs and the outputs connected to an amp, also via two unbalanced plugs.

Behringer Dualfex Multiband Sound Enhancement Processor Mod. EX 2100

No, create an account now. Tried this in a bass amp rig and worked a treat for the low energy! Your name or email address: I can’t find a manual anywhere.

Glad to be of help. Not sure if this is the best place to post Do you already have an account? Why do I need to login to see this item?


I’ve forgotten my password. Start Free Trial Sign In. For each channel there is an input and an output jack. PilotApr 12, This can be used as an Audio Enhancer or an Exciter with the ability to introducing extra harmonics and phase enhancement.

The exciter does something similar but at the top end, in the 4kHz to 12kHz region, depending on the equipment and the settings. You can still get the manual for the DSP at Behringer’s website and it should give you some guidance.

Behringer EX2200 User Manual

Casselman, Ontario, near Ottawa. I’m running my favorite speakers Sansui SP, go figureand Pioneer VSX-D1S, and the increased openness and clarity, really the realism, particularly for live performance recordings, is just amazing. Will also be cleaned before unit is sold.

Ray, I could manage French in a pinch, but I’m afraid the German thing might not work for me.