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Text: Hubert Barth & Uli Behringer. Translation: Mark Cahill Layout: Bettina Liesen. The Information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. I find the DSP operating manual to be one of Behringer’s worst; it took me quite a long time to figure out how to turn on the pink noise. Behringer Used Ultra-curve Pro Dsp Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information – DSP_P_M_EN .pdf.

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How It Was Good and How Good It Was I had described the difference in sound to Jeremy, and he and I have similar enough impressions of sound reproduction that he believed me and wanted to hear for himself. Position 3 is bebringer seven feet in front of the stage centre.

Page 12 EDIT menu. The low range frequencies seem random. Replace only with the sametype see technical specifications. The externally saved data can be reloaded. Select the correct program number using the cursor buttons.

Behringer DSP : ULTRA-CURVEPRODSP User’s Manual

Just use the preset programming parameters to obtain good sound. Press soft key B store. Of course the correction in the bass range helps with the enjoyment as well. The parameters which have been behringr will be continuously displayed.

Only personal settings nehringer in memory will be lost when cell battery is removed, so these need mannual be saved to PC via midi section. The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that which is described in the operating instructions. August 28, at Of course I started by removing the battery momentarily so as to clear all memory and start building my filtering from scratch.

The reference microphoneinput feeds a dsp80024 amplifier, which raises the signal level by 20 dB. Danger of explosion when battery is placed incorrectly! I know the hot glue is at risk of popping off the metal case; in the long term, I may put the PROM in static dxp8024 in a baggie and tie it to something. You can see the Toshiba chip that Joel had on hand in one of the photos about midway through the post. The connection between the two devices should be as short as possible.


Any help is appreciated! I agree with everything Keith has to say I am mamual rediscovering all my old music collection including Nightfly. By usingyou can stopWe recommend that you make use of this feature whenever you have something completely new to do andhave to start from scratch.

The complete memory will be transferred and can be storedexternally. This information is sent to and displayed by the levelmeter. On the left are the pictograms for the softkeys, which are used to open the sub-menus. Before you connect theunit, please make sure that the displayed voltage corresponds to your mains supply.

Documents, presets, manuals Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DSP – Audiofanzine

Select the correct EQ memory location with the cursor buttons. Conventional graphic equalizers are, by the physical nature of their design,subject to strong interaction between adjacent filters, resulting in a difference between the frequency curvesuggested by the fader position, and the real frequency curve achieved.

Page 1 Version 1. With softkey Byou erase the maximum levels from the memory.

Behringer ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 User Manual

June 7, at Please bear in mind that the test signal passes through the equalizer during the measurement procedure. Press soft key A Memory.

Hey Keith, Thanks so much for posting this blog! Picked up a used DSP recently,I believe both units are similar. After reading your write-up on the Ultracurve I felt inspired to find me a used one and set it up to help even out and flatten the slightly asymmetrical response of my QUAD ESL57 pair. On to the auto-EQ. Safety Ddsp8024 The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that which is described in the operating instructions.


Any repair or opening of the unit carried out by unauthorized personnel user included will void the warranty.

This will avoid any overloading of the loudspeakers. Here they are converted into a time division multiplex digital signal suitable for the DSPs. Turn on RTA behringerr noise generation at dB.

By pressing the settings made in the shelving menu will be cancelled, and you return to behrlnger EDIT menu. To address to another above comment about hissing noise, in my experience when you first turn the unit on, there will be hissing noise. Conventional graphic equalizers are, by behrimger physical nature of their design, subject to strong interaction between adjacent filters, resulting in a difference between the frequency curve suggested by the fader position, and the real frequency curve achieved.

That is to say, I really wanted to know whether the hiss and buzz were a design flaw or a faulty unit. In order to compensate for the timedifferences existing between the main L and R loudspeakers and those further away, the signal to the behringwr willbe sent through an electronic delay device.

Holy crap; I only did that once. I can hear every individual clearly. November 4, at Removing battery will delete al program settings. It is important to use a high quality reference microphone with a flat frequency response. You mention this above and brush right past. I let Jeremy run the controls and I handed him CDs to behdinger. Justin, what I hear is definitely hiss, not ground loop hum.