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The formal search for leaven . בדיקת. חמץ.) is conducted on the night before Pesah. This symbolizes the final removal of leaven from the home. Before the. Bedikat chametz must be performed on the eve of the fourteenth of Nissan (April 2 The bracha of al bi’ur chametz is recited, immediately preceding the bedika. However, the night before (or two nights before if Pesach begins on a Saturday night), Bedikat Chametz (literally, “the search for Chametz”).

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Bevikat of Jews and Christians Hebrew;— By the light of a wax candle, with a wooden spoon and a whisk made of several chicken or goose feathers tied together, the master of the house searches every corner in the house for stray crumbs.

Bedikat Chametz

Join the OU conversation today! Some give the reason for the spoon is so that the person will not forget to nullify the chametz. It is best to use a candle to illuminate the areas; however, it is perfectly acceptable to use a flashlight or other light source. Views Read Edit View history.

Traditionally, a feather and a wooden spoon are used, and whenever a piece of chametz is found whether one of the hidden pieces or another that beikat discovered unexpectedlythe feather is used to sweep the piece of chametz into the wooden spoon, which is then used to place it in a bag. One who is leaving one’s property prior to the night of the 14th, but is not selling the property is required to perform a search without a blessing.


OrthodoxUnion Kosher bedikah ends in northern Belgium, threatening supplies to Europe – https: Accessed April 12, If one did, no new bracha is needed MB. This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent.

Some Poskim are of the chxmetz that if one knows that they have chametz in their domain one should dispose of it before they leave, others disagree MB Also, he says you need to check besides sweeping because some chametz might get stuck in a hole. It follows the Ma’ariv prayer immediately after nightfall and before any other kind of activity is undertaken. Chazal held that the bedika should be done by candlelight for it offers bediikat better illumination and one is able to search into all the cracks and crevices Gemara Pesachim 4a, MB Since a blessing must never be recited without good reason, a few crumbs of bread are deliberately left on window sills and in other obvious places.

See, however, Rosh Pesachim 1: Every part of every room of the house where chametz may possibly be found must be searched using this process. Nevertheless, Chazal held that the search must be done in the evening for two reasons.

Bedikas chametz – Wikipedia

Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October Articles with permanently dead external links. The custom of using a wood spoon and feather is actually mostly unknown to those that practice this custom.

Some are of the opinion that the bedika should be performed as one would on the eve of the fourteenth e. This page was last edited on 27 Mayat Four Cups of Wine.


It is for this reason that Chazal ordained that the bedika is performed in the evening when candlelight offers a better illumination MBHe brings the Shaar HaTziyun Some examples are the basement, office, car, attic, pantry, furniture, clothing, etc.

Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library. This is quoted by the Bet Yosef If the person engaged in the above before this time, one is not required to stop until three stars appear whereupon one must stop and perform the bedika RamaMB The reason for this is that Chazal were afraid that one would become engrossed in the subject matter and become negligent and not perform the bedika in its proper time.

The lights around the house are turned off, and a candle is lit. A blessing is recited if the search is performed on the 14th or on the 13th when the 14th is on a Fridaybut not when an earlier search is performed for various reasons.

Passover: Bedikat Chametz

Also, Rav Schachter added that in order to recite a bracha one should bring in some chametz such as a cookies before the time of the bedika. Zadoc, Yehudei Teiman—2; D. Therefore, since one burns the chametz in the morning it will remind one to nullify the chametz MB For possible resolution of this question see Mishna Brurah Preferably, the person should be over bar mitzvah MB