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The armies of the Mamluks and the Mongols met in September at Ain Jalut on the Plain of The battle of Ain Jalut affected more than the Middle East. “All empires over-reach and inevitably decline. That moment came for the Mongols in at the Battle of Ayn Jalut.” By Jem Duducu. AT THE. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, PhD Not since the Battle of Badr had the Islamic world stood face to face with extinction as it did at the Battle of Ayn Jalut. Just as the Prophet.

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Finally, Baibars ordered his command to retreat in the direction of the spring. During the Mongol attack on the Mamluks in the Middle East, most of the Mamluks were Kipchaksand the Golden Horde ‘s supply of Kipchaks replenished the Mamluk armies and helped them fight off the Mongols. The first to advance were the Mongols, whose force also included troops from the Kingdom of Georgia and about troops from the Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaboth of which had submitted to Mongol authority.

You have heard how we have conquered a vast empire and have purified the earth of the disorders that tainted it.

While the Mongols devastated Asia, the Crusaders continued their onslaught on the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa. The result was a succession of rulers of unrivaled personality, courage and ruthlessness.

Internet URLs are the best. The Christian population in the major cities was spared even as the Mongols continued to slaughter the Muslims. Within days the victorious Kotuz re-entered Damascus in triumph, and the Kf moved on to liberate Aleppo and the other major cities of Syria. We will shatter your mosques and reveal the weakness of your God and then we will kill your children and your old men together.

Battle of Ain Jalut – Wikipedia

These slave-troops were strangers of the lowest possible status who could not conspire against the ruler and who could easily be punished if they caused trouble, making them a great military asset. We have conquered vast areas, massacring all the people. The Christian-Mongol axis continued its aggression against Muslim territories. Not since the Battle of Badr had the Islamic world stood face to face with extinction as it did at the Battle of Ayn Jalut.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. They knew that either surrender or a loss in battle would mean annihilation and the last bastion of Islamic culture would be destroyed Although Delhi was as yet safe from the Mongols, Islam had barely established itself on the plains of Hindustan by the year Hayton, King battke Armenia, represented himself and traveled to Korakorum in Agents were sent to buy and import boys from Central Asia for their armies.

Jerusalem, Mecca and Madina would be jjalut.

Battle of Ain Jalut: Mamluks Beat Mongols at Goliath’s Spring

Qutuz responded, however, by killing the envoys and displaying their heads on Bab Zuweilaone of the gates of Cairo. Sending troops to the border creates many troubling issues. If Kitbuqa’s army had been launching raids throughout Palestine prior to the final encounter, his two tumans were probably understrength and may have numbered between 10, and 15, effectives.

So enthralled were the Christians at their initial success, that Pope Alexander IV wrote to Hulagu inexpressing his pleasure that the latter was disposed to accept the Christian faith.

Every Mamluk worked his way up from recruit to a higher position based on merit alone.

After the Mamluks made themselves masters of Egypt and Syria, they continued the same policy of recruitment. Accessed May 7.

Battle of Ain Jalut

The two powers then prepared for battle. Thus, it was that the transcendence of Islam elevated slaves to kings. These articles have not yet undergone the rigorous in-house editing or fact-checking and styling process to which most Britannica articles are customarily subjected.

Fortresses will not detain us, nor arms stop us. As the Egyptian left wing threatened to dissolve, and it appeared the entire army might be routed, Sultan Kotuz rode to the site of the fiercest fighting and threw his helmet to the ground so the entire army could recognize his face.


When Kotuz gave Syria to another underling, Baibars formed a plot to assassinate Kotuz before he reached Egypt and assumed the sultanate of Egypt.

Kitbuqa and almost the whole Mongol army that had remained in the region perished. This battle is credited with one of the first uses of “hand cannons” nalut history.

Considering the fierce fighting, the Egyptian army jaluh suffered heavy casualties, while the Mongol invasion force was likely wiped out. With bbattle leader gone, the remaining Mongol formations broke and fled to the town of Beisan where they drew up to face the pursuing Mamluk cavalry. Many Egyptians sold themselves into slavery in order to become Mamluk soldiers. Kotuz and his emir Baibars, his second-in-command, selected the Plain of Esdraelon to the north of Jerusalem as the chosen ground for their fight.

Jzlut arranged the bulk of his force near Ain Jalut, giving command of this vanguard to Baibars. Angered, Kitbuqa sacked Sidon. Several days later, scouts reported to Kotuz that the Mongols had crossed the Jordan River and were headed toward Egypt.

This section possibly contains original research.

However, a combination of poor batyle and the ongoing war against the Chagatai Khanate forced Ghazan to recall his army to northeast Iran. By using this site, malut agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our horses are swift, our arrows sharp, our swords like thunderbolts, our hearts as hard as the mountains, our soldiers as numerous as the sand.

In it won…. He died in under mysterious circumstances, either from a poisoned drink or an infected wound.