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Dramatization of the Starkweather-Fugate killing spree of the s, in which a teenage girl and her twenty-something boyfriend slaughtered her entire family. Badlands announced the arrival of a major talent: Terrence Malick. His impressionistic take on the notorious Charles Starkweather killing spree of the late s. ‘Badlands’ Arrives On Criterion: 10 Things We Learned About The Terrence Malick Classic.

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Terrence Malick is my favorite filmmaker of all time.

Each one feels so different from the last, yet at the same mallck, they all feel like part of this whole, larger, singular canvas. And above all else, they emotionally resonate with malck in ways that few other films can. His heart was filled with longing as he watched it drift off.

The movie is just as free, experimental, and unsure of itself as its main characters are, and thus fits like a glove.

That first-time feel remains incredibly important, especially because of its historical context.

Baadlands somewhat similar film was released six years earlier, and is also a revolutionary cultural landmark: In that film, the titular protagonists were undoubtedly meant to be antiheroes, and their actions were always shown with a sense of malicck. Perhaps it felt shocking at the time of its release, but today it carries no weight, which is exactly the point.

Like the big balloon just floating off into nothingness, no matter how much Kit and Holly make their mark in the cultural landscape through their actions, they will still wind up, at the end of the day, two more souls wafting through the universe, so small in comparison to the encroaching nature that surrounds them.


This is why you always bqdlands so many shots of trees in Malick films; it is the trees that will outlive us all. There are bushes that are 11, years old. Yet even in the Bible, the oldest living human reaches about years before reaching his end.

If anything, he finds solace in the fact that our lives are able to have so much meaning and power, even when we are but small specks in a vast unknowing-ness. Malick is the kind of man who finds this kind of meaning in all the events of this planet.

The crashing of the waves is as powerful as the loss of a loved one. Badlands is about two people who desperately want to be the center of the universe, but find themselves being torn apart by the rest of the world, malikc the rest of nature, and by the rest of the universe.

We will always be at odds with baldands until we are consumed with it. And our marks will not be made by piles of rocks hastily piled together on the side of the road, but by what we make of our existence, and who we share it with.

After all, that pile of rocks has to fall sometime. Regardless, the film was a major success that made stars out of both Sheen malock Spacek and cemented Malick in the film landscape forever. As is always the case with this kind of first-time home-run, everyone wanted to know what else Malick had to offer with more experience and a more assured hand. I do love this film.

Why Terrence Malick’s Badlands was so good – and still is, 40 years later – The Globe and Mail

I love its use of music, the cinematography, the narration, everything. Especially since one of his favorite films of the s is Zoolander. Love the retrospectives and love the Malick. Did you wait for the Criterion blu-ray and watch at home, or did you find a way to see it a theater for the review? I waited for the Criterion blu actually.


That plus I saw Days of Heaven on the big screen a month or so ago. It was a magical experience. This is a very well written review. I badlanrs how you stated that it doesn;t matter what Spacek or Sheen do because their actions are small compare to the other massive things that happen in the universe.

Why Terrence Malick’s Badlands was so good – and still is, 40 years later

I loved that movie, but come on Quentin. As far as I know Tarantino admitted that he wrote True Romance right after he watched Badlands — apparently he watched Badlands and then had a dream that became True Romance. Badlwnds was actually kind of angry when I first watched Badlands in seeing the parallels to True Romance — even the freaking music! However, if one admits that their film is built on the shoulders of another, well there is a fine line between rip-off and homage, and at least Tarantino was honest about where True Baslands came from.

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Thank you for this wonderful review of one of my favorite films! I will definitely be re-watching Badlands soon! A Fitting, Impressive Goodbye.

Breaking Standards with Julian Rosefeldt of “Manifesto”. Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode The Terrence Malick Retrospective: I love hadlands so much! Glad you liked it!

The retrospective shall continue next week!