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Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill – A trade paperback reissue of National Book Award finalist Mary Gaitskill’s debut collection, Bad Behavior—powerful stories. This collection of nine stories by Avery Hopwood Award-winner Gaitskill marks the debut of a promising and provocative new voice. These are tales of sexual. Mary Gaitskill (born November 11, ) is an American novelist, essayist, and short story Gaitskill attempted to find a publisher for four years before her first book, the short story collection Bad Behavior, was published in The first four.

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Her fingers and hands, Constance thought, had an exposed, strangely cold and receptive quality, like the nose of a puppy.

Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But, not like you think. I too could think such thoughts, and chronicle them. She liked this vicarious view of herself; it excited and reassured her. Both “Johns” in these stories are ugly, socially inept, wealthy men who believe they behagior capable of dating these women outside of the whorehouse, that they are different than the other Johns in some way.

The characters in each of her stories grapple with the messiness of being human, and of memory and its slippery nature. It’s not just that there is quite a bit of sex and gaitzkill mentioned in her stories, but that it seems like it’s mentioned too often as if to be provocative.


I recalled “Heaven” as a short story that mostly describes a middle-aged mom at a barbecue, sitting in a plastic chair with meat- and food-juices dripping down her face, remembering the lives of her grown-up children, which have in certain ways been disastrous, and yet feeling very powerful and satisfied with herself. I too could be gatskill and sharp.

Gaitskill has recounted in her essay “Revelation” becoming a born-again Christian at age 21 but lapsing after six months. For the uninitiated, the hate-read, which is analogous to its more ubiquitous and slutty cousin, the hate-fuck, is an activity wherein one disseminates written content with the distinct objective of deriding it.

And just as these characters posthumously attempt to make sense of the friendship death, so may we. You can read that review here. It’s more sexy than if the contexts for the stories were, like, plumbers. It’s uncomfortable and I don’t really enjoy reading it and I don’t even know that I would recommend it for fear of the subject matter, but it’s just so damn good. I started reading this book having only read one of her stories before “Secretary,” obviouslybut knowing that she dealt with the territory I’ve begun writing about lately.

One of my favorites in this collection is “A Romantic Weekend. Here are some of my favourite quotes from each story She was in love with the idea of intelligence and overestimated her own. That’s what I was trying to describe in her. These are not, in any case, sexy baitskill. She gets into drugs, she’s depressing, and ultimately she is shipped back unceremoniously to her parents.


It was a bizarre world but one I felt it difficult to drag myself away behavioe. I like this one part from the story “Connection” very much: Retrieved October 25, That inadequacy can make you implode with a lot of disgust.

Mary Gaitskill

Nov 27, Amy rated it really liked it. Lily’s presence in Virginia’s life began as a series of late-night phone calls and wild letters from Anne. Nov 17, Ben Loory rated it it was amazing.

It is, I am sorry to say, the truer ending. Until Veronicahowever, she had never ventured to show fully how life could also be made a place where, despite all, we find meaningful release. As a reader, you feel a moral question-mark here, but Virginia and her husband Jarold are unbothered. On meeting Beth, he was astonished at how much she looked, talked and moved like his behavkor victim. For some reason, I remembered the time, a few years before, when my mother had taken me to see gwitskill psychiatrist.

Not even the shreds of gratification received from hate-reading could save this.