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Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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Specification of ECU Configuration

In general the configuration language uses containers and actual parameters. In the calculationFormula this is used to address the different parts the value needs to be derived from. Choosing the right configuration class from the available variants is depending on the type of application and the design decision of autsoar module implementer.

This is shown in the example 3. In the formula of ComNetSigBitPosition the attributes of the referenced element can be queried and assigned to the value of this derived parameter. ECU Configuration is thus likely to be an iterative process.

Post-build time loadable configuration chain [ecuc sws ] This type of configuration is possible after building the SW module or the ECU software. The ChoiceReference specifies multiple possible destinations for one reference but later in the ECU Configuration Description there can only be exactly one destination described.

For each BSW module, a generator reads the relevant parameters from the ECU Configuration Description and creates code that implements the specified configuration, as shown on the right hand side of figures 2. This generation is a semi-automatic process: Custom Editors and Generators In the custom editors approach as shown in figure 2. Configurable parameter values will be kept in a configuration header file and compiled along with the module source file, which is not touched by the BSW1 Configuration Generator.


For these definitions there is no corresponding entry in the ECUC description. Tool suppliers have a high degree of freedom in the approach their tools may take to ECU Configuration.

The SignalPosition has attributes itself and also references to other elements in the System Description Template. The definition is done using UML class diagrams which is done on M2 level of metamodeling. Parameter description [ecuc sws ] All inherited metamodel classes representing an ECU Configuration Value specify an attribute value that stores the configuration value ech XML-based description. As one can see in the example the reference value is decomposed of the context path of the instance and the reference to confjguration instance itself.

Parameter container description [ecuc sws ] The Container inherits from Identifiable defining a namespace for all Containers, ParameterValues and ReferenceValues that belong to that Container.

Specification of ECU Configuration

The specifics of these module implementation are defined in the BSW Module Descriptions not shown in figure 1. With the ability to cojfiguration relationships between containers and parameters and the means to specify references, the definition configugation parameters has enough power for the needs of the ECU Configuration. Certain aspects of real application configurations are already defined: And only the Dem module is able to define actual numbers associated with these errors eu all errors have been specified and collected in the Dem module.

Therefore the Container substitutes the choice container directly in the parameter description. Two containers of type ParameterConfParamDef are specified as part of the module definition. To give a better impression how the referencing mechanism and code generation may work the ModuleConfigurations of the using and the providing modules are shown here.


All the contributing files are virtually merged to build the actual description1. Student Financial Assistance Form. Therefore the ModuleDef includes standardized as well as vendor-specific parameter definitions. In this approach example shown in figure 2.

This is done using object diagrams this rd the M1 level of metamodeling with special semantics defined in section 3. The reason is that there is no use-case where a direct reference to a parameter would be needed.

For further rules how a value can be provided if no defaultValue is specified in the ECU Configuration Definition see section 4. If not stated otherwise the default multiplicity is exactly one mandatory occurrence of the specified element. Class diagram for parameter references [ecuc sws ] The confihuration class ConfigReference is used to specify the common parts of all reference definitions.

ContainerDef [ecuc sws ] Each container definition is an Identifiable.

Link Type String In order to generate a working executable that runs on the ECU, much more configuration information must be provided. The description of configuration parameters is called ECU Configuration Parameter Definition and described in detail in this specification chapter 3.