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AudioControl DQXSWith 6-channels, the DQXS could interface with a variety of source units with 2, 4, or 6 channels. It even has a programmable memory built in . With 6-channels, the DQXS could interface with a variety of source units with 2, 4, or 6 channels. It even has a programmable memory built in, allowing advanced. Shop Lowest Price on: AudioControl DQXS – Crossovers | 6-Channel Digital Crossover/Equalizer with Memory | General Features Six Channel 3-Way Crossover.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. White steel chassis with gold-plated RCA jacks. Speaker level inputs able to accept watts of power.

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Band pass allows you to select a range or band of frequencies to be sent to the speakers. Fit and finish was very good. Programmable Frequency Match pfm filter. That gives you low pass for the subwoofer with it’s adjustable crossover points and high pass outputs for the rear, with it’s crossover points.

Guaranteed Delivery see all. You can choose from passive and active options manufactured by AudioControl. This process corrects for the varying speaker locations in the vehicle.

We are committed to providing you a quality product at the lowest prices possible. Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor.


Here are some questions that may come up when selecting an AudioControl crossover. Programmable 15 to Hz.

AccuBASS bass restoration circuitry. That means you have two pairs of out for the front channels, one pair out for the rear, and one pair out for the sub.

Based on it’s features, design, build quality, and performance, it has earned our Editor’s Choice Award. But in doing so, I easily saw the benefit and convenience of having it, and would highly recommend getting it as well. AccuBASS circuitry for improved bass response. Two input channels and two, four, or six channels of output. The AudioControl is a sophisticated piece of equipment that you will want to read up on if you are installing it and tuning it yourself. Bass Maximizing light display.

When it comes to custom tailoring your sound in your car, a dedicated equalizer is the best way to do it. This means that your 2-way component system will no longer need the passive crossovers, if you have the correct amp configuration.

And a plastic bag helped to protect it’s finish. Inquire Within for Further Details. You will want to review the make, model, and model year of your vehicle. This type is used commonly in some models of coaxial speakers.


Patented Bass Restoration Circuitry. Gray steel chassis with gold-plated RCA jacks.

Stereowise Plus: AudioControl DQXS Six Channel Digital Crossover and Equalizer With Memory

It is a digital electronic equalizer as well as electronic crossover. I have to say it is the first owners manual that was entertaining to read.

The front channel however actually has 2 outputs, one pair is high pass, and the 2 nd pair is low pass or band pass. Got one to sell?

I did say it was a 6 channel EQ. The sound quality was very qudiocontrol and distortion free, thanks in part to the audiophile grade components. Frequently Asked Questions about AudioControl Signal Processor Crossovers AudioControl is a Washington State-based company that has manufactured audio equipment for business, home, and vehicle use audiocoontrol over 40 years.

As it was not included with the review unit, I managed without it. The type of filters available will vary depending on the size and type of your speaker. A crossover is used in your car audio system to divide the audio signals into a variety of different frequencies.