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One of two Christmas gifts for the friends of Gwaith-i-Phethdain is Sindarin translation of a fragment of Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth or ‘The Debate of. That is not the voice that the Wise hear out of the darkness and from beyond it. Nay, lord, the Wise among Men say: “We were not made. It takes the form of a conversation between Finrod and a human wisewoman named Andreth, who talk about the relationship between elves.

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Contents 1 Introduction 2 The debate 2. The Nameless and the One.

She was gently chided to not speak so of the Powers, for he had dwelt in their Light which she did not understand. Abdreth with what is this comparison? Are we in truth the children of God? This added moment with him would be very great, I think. It is aah consequence of sin. For Aegnor was a warrior, with a spirit of wrath, and with every stroke he dealt in battle, he saw the Enemy that hurt Andreth’s people long ago.


The Eldar said that Men do not see things for what they are. Mith — original artwork used in design by John Howe and Ted Nasmith. We look for no Arda Remade: I think that, in this case, fihrod claim of men was under such a kind of mistake: The debate then circled back on the first question of Man not being intended to die.

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To me the difference seems like that between one who visits a strange country, and abides there a while but need notand one who has lived in that land always and must.

Not to seek danger beyond need! If we are indeed the Eruhin, the Children of the One, then He will not suffer Himself to be deprived of His own, not by any Enemy, not even by ourselves.

And when I go to what hall shall I come?

Whither you go may you find light. To understand the character of King Finrod, one must understand that he starts with certain basic beliefs: The History andeth Beren and Luthien is less detailed.

After writing this post, I sent an e-mail to the timeline author with my reasoning here.

Athrabeth finrod ah andreth : tolkienfans

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Now, he remained young while she grew old. This also contains one of the best — atharbeth almost unknown — love stories that Tolkien wrote, being the only instance where an Elf man Aegnor and a Human woman Andreth fell in love, with poignant circumstances and results. Jan 10, Messages: Discussion in ‘ “Morgoth’s Ring” ‘ started by BelegApr 22, Submit a new text post. This one he might cozen, or that one he might corrupt; but to change the doom of a whole people of the Children, to rob them of their inheritance: He explained that she was confusing the concept of dream and waking with hope and belief.

AndrethJan 2, Athrabeth Finrod Ah Andreth. This was the Hope she refused to speak of earlier. There were two major exceptions to this: Athrabeth finrod ah andreth self.


To understand the argument, there are certain things that must be accepted as facts or givens: If someone is wrong about something, don’t downvote them, but politely and helpfully show them what’s wrong. Men would become the agents through which Arda is re-made. For we speak as if these things are, or as if they will assuredly be.

Is it not Amdir rather; but without reason: There are allusions to the appearance of men still in the darkness of the stars, and that Melkor would have caused their fall before he was chained. Do not your own people believe this too? They sent no summons to us.

As if it is not enough that the conversation has dealt already with the meaning of death, what lies after death, the nature of humanity and the nature of faith in God, the conversation now expands to take in as well the nature and meaning of love and sacrifice. Not wishing to be misinterpreted, or for some other reason, Tolkien also composed a substantial commentary—from his own, external point of view—with commentary ON the commentary.

So, his timeline now, correctly, places this piece at FA