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ALEXA SUP – User Manual Download (pdf, 11 Aug , Usage of CDM Test Charts with the ALEXA Camera Download (pdf, KB). The ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool to familiarize yourself with the menu navigation of the ALEXA camera family: ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT. the ALEXA manual at or the interactive ALEXA/ ALEXA XT Camera. Simulator at will ensure.

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Page 65 Main Controls White balance and color compensation should be adjusted only with the help of appropriate equipment. Page 51 Apple ProResthe codec family used for image encoding in ALEXA, is a variable bit rate codec, so the available recording time depends on the image content.

This guarantees that the flange focal depth is not influenced by the lens weight and reduces stress on the lens mount.

Shutter Audio out level: This opens a screen where the desired value can be set. These cards have an ExpressCard34 form factor and are currently available with 8, 16 or 32 GB storage space. Page 31 EVF further back. Page To remove the field lens, which is located above the ground glass: HUGO could not have been achieved with any other camera system.

If possible, cover the eyepiece when not in use to prevent any damage. Under some occasions, the camera might not be able to keep this temperature, or it might take some time to reach the correct level.

SxS PRO cards have to be formatted in the camera before they can be used for recording.

V-Lock batteries are available from a number of manufacturers. Wireless Remote System Page 81 Main Controls Output range Defines which bit range of the full 10 bit 0- is used to transmit image data. This can either be a color meter or a vectorscope together with a calibrated grey card.


SxS Slots On the SD card, the folder structure presented in the following example should be created by the user prior to first use of the card. Field lens in camera with attached Ground Glass Puller Here is the short list: To use the optical viewfinder, the mirror shutter must be set to On. If the recorder understands this flag, it will automatically start to record. False Color Peaking Zoom. With the SDI rec flag, sucessfull recording cannot be guaranteed, as there is no feedback from the recorder to the camera.

If error continues to occur, contact ARRI service. Edit User Button assignment For user buttonswhich are also available on the camera left side, the following functions can be assigned: This is important to achieve constant image quality. Page Reboot camera.


Page 63 Main Controls The looks are stored in the camera. Main Controls Figure Alexa Studio with afri plate Sensor Active Image Area dimensions. Page 11 About This Manual Figure 4: It prevents the camera from resting on a back mounted battery when a bridge plate is attached and the camera is placed on a flat surface.

Page 71 Main Controls Figure Alexa Studio HD pillarboxed.

ARRI ALEXA User Manual

Whether using this monitor or others, the modular system allows for a compact and efficient setup. Main Controls Output range Defines which bit range of the full 10 bit 0- is used to transmit image data.

As a rule of thumb, the following guideline can be used: Electronic level Overlay showing the horizontal levelling of the camera. The camera is in non-synced mode for regular use. When changing sensor fps or project fps, it may take up to 2 seconds for the camera to resync image and audio signals.



Page 44 Card is unreadable e. Enter text from picture: Page Alternatively, reel name is used sometimes. The manual’s structure also provides quick access for reference to experienced users.

Fps Camera Controls If the sensor cover glass has been contaminated by solid dirt or grease, special optical cleaning kits should be used for dirt removal under very high care!

It allows illuminated format markings to be superimposed onto the viewfinder ardi with adjustable brightness. Connectors Connectors Connectors Camera back Figure Page Additional recommendations To ensure correct card handling and reduce the risk of data loss, ARRI recommends the following procedure for card and data handling: Super16 lenses, or lenses with dimensions not matching the dimensions in the figure “Allowed lens dimensions with mirror shutter” drawing cannot be used with the ALEXA Studio, as they would destroy the rotating mirror shutter!

Page Optics Note: Consist of a 3″ LCD-screen controls with screen buttons changing their behavior depending on the screen content, a jogwheel to navigate through menus and adjust parameters and a range of function buttons with dedicated behavior.

A higher input camers range allows more flexibility on battery choice. Page Appendix Appendix Total active pixels x incl.

The recording formats are optimized for different budget situations, market segments, distribution resolutions and aspect ratios, camega choices and necessary post steps including the amount arti VFX work.

It is located on the camera right lower front.