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The Grimoire of Armadel has ratings and 4 reviews. Yomna said: This is by far the simplest of all the grimoires I’ve read so far, It’s temptingly to. ARMADEL. Electronic Version Prologue. This grimoire was first translated by Mr. MacGregor Mathers into English. Now for the first time in English I Frater Alastor. Of all of the old grimoires, the one that intrigues me the most is called the Grimoire of Armadel. I am intrigued because not much is known about.

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Ellie rated it really liked it Jun 17, Very detailed and thorough.

The Grimoire of Armadel by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

Conjuring the Spirit of An Organization or Institution 4 weeks ago. Ted rated it really liked it Feb 02, If you do want further information, I found this blog post to be more enlightening than the introduction in the book itself. Tonya rated it it was amazing Jun 23, The obscure wording could be justified if it was meant to protect the operator from being accused of performing diabolical ceremonial magick, or at the very least, committing sacrilege.

I feel bewitched by this grimoire, I found it casually, it’s seems that my soul was looking for this knowledge. We must thoroughly examine the contents of the grimoire and compare it to other works if we wish to fully comprehend what is meant by the art of disposition.

Five demon princes listed in the grimoire may have been culled from the Grimoire of Pope Honorius, which was a German grimoire dated from the early 17th century. The Grimoire Armadel probably has its origins in the late 17th to early 18th grimoie, and represents the last flowering of this tradition.

Grimoire of Armadel

Jul 21, Lizzy rated it it was ok. Who originally owned the armmadel, how was it produced and where did it come from? The rest of the sigils and sigil characters are associated with one or more spirit and some mystery or vision. It has, though, received scholastic criticism, as lacking authenticity.

What all of these anomalies signify is unknown, but it arjadel seem that Gabriel, Michael and Uriel may play key roles in the operation of the grimoire. Frater Lavatio rated it really liked it Sep 12, It was he who conducted the Holy Virgin and Saint Joseph into Egypt when they were fleeing from the persecution of Herod. Preparation of the Armasel — parts 1 and 2 — consecration of the magick circle. Michael Oscar McKee September 5, at 9: I found Armadel to be a curiosity but it didn’t advance my knowledge much as there is not enough information provided and I am not familiar with this class of books already.


One would have to borrow an example from some other grimoire, since there is no image of what that magick circle would look like. No one is now able to answer that question, since Mathers, and all of his immediate associates, have passed grlmoire. At some point in the career of the magician, there is a noticeable shift from working magick to exclusively achieve material armdael to acquring hidden knowledge, wisdom, and ultimately, enlightenment. However, from an occult perspective, it is easy to see why Mathers spent his time translating this manuscript — the sigils and various characters, all in color, are quite astonishing and impressive, even to the lay occultist.

The key to operationally using this grimoire requires re-establishing the operational sequence and also armadrl classical invocations of the various spirits armsdel performing the sigil character operations. However, few have ever gazed upon the sigils and characters found in the Grimoire of Armadel and not marveled at them, even though the ritual lore to activate them is extremely sparse, and there seems to be no way to actually use any of the sigils and characters without recourse to other materials.

Reisner Audrey Brice S.

Since all of the spirit names are taken from other magickal traditions, it would seem that a simple activation of this system would likely require the invocation of the spirit and the inclusion of the special sigil or sigil character, acting as a mechanism to aid the magician in acquiring some extended vision or specific occult knowledge. First Character – where the operator fuses himself into the working by applying his initials to a character that is produced on parchment and worn under his vestments near his heart, acting as a kind of phylactery.

Mar 14, Yomna hosny rated it really liked it Shelves: The name Armadel should not be confused with other similar names found in the famous grimoire ramadel of history.


The Grimoire of Armadel

Mina rated it did not like it May 29, Glenn Martyn August 29, at I have read a copy of the “Grimoire of Armadel” in a ‘pdf’ format and agree with much of what you have said. I am of the firm belief that most grimoires can srmadel easily “de-Christianized”.

The manuscript, written in Latin and French, was probably produced in the early 18th century. The infusion of Qabbalistic concepts into this grimoire would show that it had a blending of Jewish and Christian elements, but like many of the grimoires from that time it was produced by and for Christian ceremonial magicians.

The array of spirits found in this grimoire demonstrates the varied mixture of traditions that were plumbed to fashion it. Yet of all of the occult books, manuscripts and grimoires to be found in that repository, only two were translated by the occult scholar and founder of the Golden Dawn, Samuel MacGregor Mathers — the Book of Abramelin and the Grimoire Armadel.

Evelyn Esquivel rated it liked it Feb 10, Jun 15, Larissa rated it it was ok. I have decided to quote a paragraph or two to share what I have discovered. His translations of medieval grimoires and other obscure occult texts, while often criticized for their accuracy or incompleteness, served to make this otherwise inaccessible material more widely available to English-speaking audiences, and remain among the most popular of his works.

Aaron Meyer rated grimpire liked it Jan 10, Thus the operator would have been required to be knowledgeable and have in his possession copies of the Heptameron, the Arbatel and the four books of Occult Philosophy of Agrippa.

A blurb from the advertisement for this book says the following: The library of the Arsenal in Paris has over a million books grimire other papers, and even in the late 19th century, it was aramdel voluminous.

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