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AR 385-64 PDF

*This pamphlet supersedes DA Pam –64, dated 15 December This edition publishes a rapid action revision of DA Pam – This pamphlet explains the Army’s safety criteria and standards for operations involving ammunition and explosives prescribed by AR , for the United. Department of the Army Pamphlet DA PAM Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards Rapid Action Revision (RAR): 10 October [United States.

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Sustainable Innovations in Recycled Textiles. Attachments, such as slings, chains, and spreader bars, may be tested together. Leaders must ensure that soldiers perform their duties safely by taking the following proactive steps: See TM for a listing of this type equipment.

Explosive Safety

Waiver authority and requests for waivers. First aid training requirements and training schedule. Soldiers must be able to recognize and react to UXO hazards.

The 3385-64 steps are as follows: Technical Manual TM Learning the principles of how munitions function, how to handle, store, and transport munitions safely, and how to safely operate MHE. Test loads for forklifts are made using pallet loads that correspond to the manufacturer rated load data and supplemented by factors stated in the vehicle operator’s manual.


Many people were injured in the incident, and two soldiers were killed in the cleanup of the site. Voice of the Customer. To Be a Military Sniper. Technical bulletins and manuals. Reviews regulations and TMs and recommends procedures for increasing safety in unit operations, as well as in operations involving receipt, handling, storage, transport, and issue of munitions.

International Maritime Dangerous Goods publications. See DA Pam Hand tools are widely used by munitions soldiers. Don’t use unsafe equipment until needed repairs are made. Under no circumstances will soldiers approach, touch, or pick up UXO items. International Air Transportation Association publications. Become thoroughly familiar with the hand and arm signals used to direct MHE and lifting devices both ground guides and operators.

AR U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Code of Federal Regulations. You submitted the following rating and review. M60 Main Battle Tank — In peacetime, leaders learn to assess risks during training exercises.


Don’t carry initiating devices in your pocket. Stress safety in operations. Explosive Safety Guide for the Construction Industry. Operators must understand the danger of exceeding fixed load limits. Munitions tools and equipment are designed to be safe when properly maintained and operated.

The hazard arises when the static is allowed to accumulate and discharges a spark in the 835-64 of combustible material, thus providing a source of ignition.

DA PAM 385-64 Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

These ae prescribe the Army’s general safety policies and standards for munitions, explosives, liquid propellants, and related facilities and activities. Repair or replace damaged items.

A written SOP must be developed and used for all munitions operations. Only tools made from nonsparking materials i.

Handbook of Aeronautical Inspection and Pre-Purchase.