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Al-Huda Bookstore › Aqeedatul Tahawi. Aqeedatul Translation of Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyib’s commentary of Aqeedat ut-Tahawi. Includes short. Al-ʿAqīdah aṭ-Ṭaḥāwiyya Arabic: العقيدة الطحاوية is a popular exposition of Sunni Muslim doctrine written by the tenth-century Egyptian theologian and Hanafi jurist Abu Ja’far Ahmad at-Tahawi. Sharh Aqeedatul Tahawi Urdu Sharah of Imam Tahawi’s Aqida Book Sharh Aqeedatul Tahawi Urdu Paperback Pages Darul Kitab Urdu Translation of.

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May Allaah be pleased with him.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah – Wikipedia

As for his actions and example SunnahJ, it is also the fountainhead of all the excellent character of the farmer and latter generations. May Allaah Ta ala save ns from such beliefs. Aqeedagul fact the fountainhead of all Aqeedatu Tahawi 46 mankind was Muhammad sallailahu alaihi wasallam. And just like the people of Imaan, whose actual Imaan is the same, but some are perfect aqeefatul others arc defective. As Allaah Ta’ala says regarding the nation of Saalih ms when they were destroyed and annihilated: He can efface what He desires and confirm what He Wills.

All the people and particles of all the universes and worlds are subservient to His Magnanimous Attributes, which expound His Perfection. If effects are from, amongst the Decrees of Allaah Ta’alathen all the more, the effected are from the Decree of Allaah Ta’ala, since they are created by Him.

Al-Howdh 2 the Pool which Aliaah will grant Nabi -sallallahu alaihi wasallam, tahaiw an honour to quench the thirst of his Ummat on the Day of Qiyaamah is true. Indeed moderation aeqedatul the distinguishing factor between emergence and falling astray. This would be like seeking a judgement from false judges, and indeed we have been ordered to reject the false judges.

Hence, he who after refuting some Ambiyaa still deems himself a believer is from the losers.


They are claiming that the Qualities and similitude of Allaah Ta’ala is like that of man. R and the style o! As Allaah Ta’ala says regarding the Ahle Kitaab: Baatil cannot enter into it either from the front or the back.

Similarly, he Ascends, not like our ascending and He Descends, not like our descending. Qisaas has been made obligatory has been ordained for you in the case of murder; a free man will be executed for murdering a free man, a slave for a slave and a woman for a woman.

Obedience with kufr will also be of no benefit. Encompassment oi sight is restricted to limitations. And since He was always existent, He was so with all His Qualities, since they are inherent with His Being, and are not able to be separated from Him. Because of the possibility of their Taubah and repentance not being accepted by Allaah Ta’ala. This is all that is accessible in the Qur’aan Majeed and Sunnah. It is not permissible to follow it previous Shari’ah. Allaah commands His creation and there is none to avert prevent His command.

And like how the light of the sun is one, but the illuminated things are many. These specified limits are the restraints of things: He obtained the ability to explain the meanings of the Ahadeeth from Allamah Kashmiri A.

As Allaah Ta’ala mentions: An atom cannot be compared to the entire universe. This is the knowledge which is accessible, with all its corollaries, like experience, examples, narratives, etc. Hence, it is confirmed that Allaah Ta’ala has no parts or limbs. If it was not possible for us to be able to see Allaah Ta’ala, then it would follow that the one who asked for this is an ignorant person.

Or you say that Allaah created His Speech in someone else other than Himself.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah

Indeed His Speech is unlike our speech. Thus, He Knows, not like our knowledge.

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Only those at a loss feel secure from Allaah S plan’ 1 [Surah A’raaf. He is not the maker of it. That is, the intention of the statement of Allaah Ta ala is as He intended it to be, and not the way we interpret it, from our opinions or the way we fathom it from our imaginations, or the way we imagine it from our whims.

The text of the Qur’aan and the claim of Nabi jg bear testimony to the fact aqeeadtul he is in fact the seal of all Ambiyaa. Belief can only be firm when accessible knowledge is accepted and inaccessible knowledge is not sought after. Refer to Tafseer-e-Azeezi regarding this Aayat.

Therefore, it is confirmed that indeed Allaah Ta’alas Qualities always were existent in Him, just as He was always existent. As is mentioned in the Qur’aan when He says: It is established that the Qur’aan is Wahi Divine Revelation. The Arabic words W asl and Na at are similar words with similar meanings.

The reason for the ease in resurrection lies in His not being dependant upon anything, and in His absolute Power over everything. As Aliaah Ta’ala says: We request readers not to forget us in their duaas.

Aqeedatul Tahawi

Everything will expire at the end of its specified time. R was chosen aqredatul the task of teaching him the recitation of the Noble Quraan. Allaah Ta’ala mentions regarding him in His Noble Kitaab, by two praiseworthy names, i. Decisions rest only with Allaah. His knowledge, His Power, His protection. He had a loud and melodious voice from his youth and the teachers would listen with great enthuthiasm to his recitation.