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APPLESOFT II BASIC is APPLE’s very much extended BASIC language. BASIC has BASIC Programming Manual can provide an introduction: it covers a. Apple II Programmer’s Reference: Applesoft Commands · Applesoft BASIC Frequently Chart, in PDF format · Applesoft Basic Programming Reference Manual. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Save. Applesoft ][ Basic Programming Reference Manual. For Later. save.

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This serves mainly as an aid to the programmer, and serves no useful function as far as the operation of the program in solving a particular problem.

Full text of “Applesoft BASIC Programming Reference Manual – Apple Computer”

Sets the screen to the usual full-screen text mode 40 characters per line, 24 lines from low-resolution graphics mode or either of the two high-resolution graphics modes. Each can be converted to the other by functions provided for the purpose. A “non-existent” element occurs in a DATA statement when any of the following is true: The primary reason for using a negative argument for RND is to initialize or “seed” a repeatable sequence of random numbers.

An attempt to READ more data than the data list contains produces the message: One or more such shape definitions, with their Index, make up a “shape table” that can be created from the keyboard and saved on disk or cassette tape for future use.

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Sometimes this Is easier than assigning the last random number to a variable in order to save it. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Deference 15 Moves the cursor to the line on the screen specified by the argument.


The top line is line 1; the bottom line is line I liked it, but now it is out applespft date to today’s computers. Although expr is just there to hold the parentheses apart, it is evaluated anyway, so it must not be illegal. Y2 may be greater than, equal to, or smaller than Yl.

Please call for more Information. This means that no matter how many digits you have in your line number minimum line number is 0, maximum isit takes teference same number of bytes two.

The sorting itself is done in lines throughby going through the list of numbers and interchanging any two that are not in order. In the example, 1.

Applesoft BASIC Reference

This could go on Indefinitely, but we decided to stop after calculating the area for three circles. You should remove all dimension statements of this type from the program.

Items in a list to be PRINTed should be separated by commas if each is to be displayed in a separate tab field. If you haven’t already guessed, the program above calculates the area of a circle with the radius R.

When you have finished coding all your vectors, check your work to make sure it is accurate. NEXT loops to perform the appropriate operations. HTAB rsference also move the cursor outside the window, but only long enough to print one character there. When more than one line is to be listed.

Numbers in this mode are displayed with up to nine decimal digits of accuracy and may range up to approximately 10 bssic the 38th power. If there are fewer than D digits to the right of the decimal, the entire number portion may be used.


CONT cannot be used if you have a modified, added or deleted a program line, or b gotten an error message since stopping execution. Adding to this number gives you the actual number of free bytes of memory. For xpplesoft guess that is typed in, the computer reads through all of the numbers in the DATA statements until it finds one that matches the guess.

If a string is the argument, it must be enclosed in quotation marks, and quotation marks may not be Included within the string. First LIST the line to be changed: The subroutine asks for a number, and if the number typed in response is applesovt an Integer, asks for a number again. However, only the first 10 digits are usually significant, and the tenth digit is rounded off. In immediate-execution mode, an instruction must be typed without a line number.

Screen display area for page 1 text or color graphics. User-defined string functions are not allowed. That is why the cursor frequently cannot be moved to column of the TV screen by using the left-arrow key: To return to normal mode, simply type TEXT. It does not matter in which position the switch is set.

In the example, the string “